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Automated Latency Test - where is it?

I'm setting up my system for the first time. In the video at around 4:00 you describe an automated latency test where I'm supposed to plug my headphone out into my instrument in on my USB device (loopback cable) , and then press a "Test" button (video shows this around 4:58). But when I tried configuring my gear, I never saw that button. I have not made that loopback/automated latency test, yet JamKazam is already trying to set me up to jam. Shouldn't I be doing that test? Or maybe you've dropped it and I don't need that? Can you help me find that test button? (My USB device is a Behringer Xenix1204USB mixer with ASIO drivers. I'm on Windows 7.)


  • Hi Jon,

    The video linked will not load, but I believe you have found an outdated video.

    You do not have to do a 'loopback test' anymore.

    My suggestion is to just try to create or join a session; if you are able to do so, then you must have already gotten through the automated test already, and are good to go.
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