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uploading a photo

Well, I managed to upload a photo avatar here, but can't seem to get one to load on the site itself.
Any ideas anyone?


  • Hi Rachel,

    You should be able to upload a photo either in the JamKazam application, or a normal browser.

    This link should take you directly there (unless you have to sign in first):

    Also, I believe the avatar in JamKazam will take precedence over the forum one--meaning once you upload an avatar on, I think the one you uploaded here will effectively be replaced. So if you like your current avatar on this forum, just use the same one on the website.

  • When I click on "upload photo", the little boxes appear in the photo box, but then nothing happens to direct me to my photos. I've tried again and again.
  • Rachel, could you tell me which browser you are using? IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc? Also, it's just as useful to have the version.

    Or... are you doing this from inside the downloaded application?

    Sorry for the hassle...
  • I ended up with a "Drag picture here" box and was able to drag a photo in and upload my avatar. That was with Google Chrome on Windows. I didn't get an "Open File" dialog, though.
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