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I would like to See Jamkazam:

I would like to start a topic to find out what Improvements or suggestions you think Jamkazam could do in future updates that you would like to see.

I would like to see if while in a session there was a way members could access the notation files with out having to leave the session.


  • After having a play with the new Jamtracks I think a master volume for all tracks would be useful addition.
  • Maybe a list of changes made by the latest updates.
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    A few things.

    Add "Progressive Rock" to the genre list

    Give us the option to add people as friends by clicking on their name

    Allow us to save our session preferences, for example choosing an elec. guitar player, elec bass player and drummer and saving it as "Rock Group" then selecting flautist, upright bassist and drummer as "Jazz Combo" etc. Instead of having to keep ticking off boxes every time.

    Obtain some kind of partnership with someone like CDBABY so that we can work on, record and upload original compositions and start making money from them fairly distributed to all those that collaborated on the project.

    Provide a calendar that let's us see events that our friends are planning as well as sharing our planned events with them. For example if I want to start up a relaxed blues jam on Tuesday nights 8PM EST I would put it on my calendar, perhaps as a weekly recurring event. My friends would see my entry on their calendars and could "sign up" for it in advance. Likewise I would see my friend's events for say a "Commercial Jingle Brainstorming session" that I could likewise sign up for. This would be in addition to the bulletin board events that already exists, it would just be more geared towards people you already are friends with on JK.

    Add a "push to talk" feature to the chat microphone. If possible one that can be assigned MIDI CC triggers so that as a keyboard player I could assign a pedal, pad or button to the task and not have to step away from my rig and over to my computer to say something.

    To help promote Jamkazam, you might want to consider a weekly or monthly podcast of a selected session.

    I'm sure I will think of much more as I play with the application more. I'm still very new and must say this software is making my life much better than it was before I found it.

    Carl Kramer

  • Thanks for your feedback guys.

    I can say that an easier way to change all JamTrack volumes is coming, and adding friends by clicking on them will also coming soon to.

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    I would like to see what mods you make on the software updates. I would also like to see away were can show new additions to any new Jam tracks you have added .Maybe a "Newest Jam Tracks listing..That way you would not have to keep looking thru the hole list.
  • Hi @Ed Anderson

    I'm made a release notes thread: . I'll comment there every time we make a release of any note.

    You can click the 'star' in the upper-right to receive an email every time it's updated.
  • I would like to restate how important a "push to talk" or at least a way to hotkey a mute and unmute function for the chat microphone would be. I prefer not to play with headphones and to monitor through speakers. I don't want to introduce feedback while playing songs. Also even with headphones on all the noise I make moving around and making adjustments to my gear comes through for everyone to hear. I plan to use a wireless keyboard to make adjustments to the computer from across the room and it would be most convenient to be able to simply hit a key to talk or to mute and unmute the chat microphone.

    If you could possibly make an app that would allow a user to control the session with a phone or tablet (I use Android) that would be stellar.

    Carl Kramer

  • @Carl Kramer I believe this is a reasonably easy feature, and you aren't the first person to say they prefer to ditch the headphones. I'll make an issue internally.
  • I don't know how many would appreciate it, but it would be nice for us who read music to have a place on JamTracks to upload transcriptions along with the tunes. At least chord charts in some fashion.
  • Is there an important benefit to having the music notation inside the JamKazam app vs. just using whatever 3rd party content/apps you prefer to source/access music notation?
  • Hi just started using the App today, and I wanted to point out a few ideas to improve the program. First off a really simple to fix problem with in the app is that it is unclear how to go back to the main page of the apps interface. Obviously clicking the JamKazam logo in the top left corner takes you back, however this is vague and could be frustrating and confusing to new users.

    I also agree with the talk back toggle key, would prevent feed back when using speakers.

    Another suggestion that follows the idea posted before by Joe is the concept of an internal hosting of music or notes that can be edited live. Yes, anyone can use a third party software such as google docs to share and update notes live, however that requires sharing contact info with strangers or taking the time explain where to find the music ect...

    If the goal is to allow new people to connect through music there really needs to be a way to collaborate visually live through the program. For instance when my band practices we have a Whiteboard in front of us where we write notes, chords, transitions, ect and we are constantly adding and editing it as we learn or write a song... Playing music requires more than hearing each other and a backing track, it encompasses all aspects of communication.

    Yeah we could use up more bandwidth and do a google hangouts to share notes and see each other why we use Jam Kazam, but it would be sweet if this app was a one stop shop for a real rehearsal.
  • I think music notation would be a benefit. And I know that you can share the PDF files but they can only be accessed at the sessions window and not while in-session (would like to see that fixed). Most the time I get on, it's mostly improv stuff with out much continuity. I do agree with Seth about using 3rd party websites. I like using ultimate guitar tab, but would like to know if those links can be shared in Chat mode as a hot link?
  • You can get "notation files" while in a session by using your Browser (You don't need to leave the session) just use your browser and go to then click on "find Session" and when that box opens you will be able to see the "notation files" in the session your in. click on them and they will download.
  • to upload "notation files" while in a session. click on "Settings" found next to "Resync" Then click on "select files and select the files you want to use. Now click on "Update settings' Your files will now appear and members can use the above post to get them.
  • MIDI support? It would be great for me to be able to send/receive MIDI data between other MIDI equipped players. (maybe this is too complex a task for too little return?)
  • Bruce hadn't thought about MIDI. I actually think there could be some potential. Something similar to the jam tracks but in a midi format. Before jamkazam that was the only way I had to jam on my own, download midi files then used cakewalk to send tracks to my Korg M1 to play along with. of course my M1 was pre general midi standards so I have to constantly tweek tracks
  • @Mark - yes, I also use MIDI and a computer-based sequencer to learn parts and share ideas with others. It might be possible to run a GM2 synth inside JK (The Roland GM synth integrated into Windows is essentially a software version of the old MT-32).

    wireless MIDI controller -> computer/internet -> cloud based SW synth

    I have played around with virtual synths on the internet, and thus far they all had to much latency to be useful in a performance. Maybe technology has advanced enough to overcome that problem?
  • The ability for a user to sell "backing tracks/loops" and/or jazz standards in the Jam Tracks area.
  • Hey @Joe - We are definitely headed in that direction fast. We are sourcing a ton more JamTracks recordings right now, and I've actually started sourcing some recordings from members of the JamKazam community. We haven't automated this process yet, but we have started doing it manually. If you'd like to chat about this and have us set you up as a JamTracks source, I'd be happy to discuss with you. Just ping me directly at, OK?
  • Really like the lastest update...a small idea for the next option to start any loaded audio/backing track when record is pressed. :)
  • Suggestion for next update
    If you start a session and have it set to approve before coming into your session

    1. Approval Popup is way to fast to accept or cancel >2s ouch
    Fix>I would like to see the popup stay until I accept or cancel<

    If I am in soundproof drum room and PC is in mixing room.
    I have no way to get to popup in time.
  • Hey Doz,

    Agreed it's really fast. However, in the bottom-right of the interface, if you expand the *notifications* section, you should also see an entry in there that let's your approve too.
  • Yes Doz, It would be nice if JK "made use" interact with the pop-up before it goes away. I also tend to miss people I want in the session. Trying to remember to pay attention to the Notification tab seems to be a challenge for me. I guess if the Notification tab would automatically open with the Approval notifications highlighted, that may get my attention.
  • It would be nice if you knew others was on JK, and looking to see if any sessions were going on. If no sessions are playing at the moment, you don't know if you are the only one there looking. You have to go thru the process of starting a session, just to see if anyone is around that might join.
  • I would like to see the ability to loop a jam track and to be able to repeat A to B loop with some kind of click to drag start and end - like a sequencer.

    JamTracks has Huge Promise!

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    Can I point out that when installing JamKazam the average user would not to start by recording live, until at least they orientate themselves to the software. Having a free jam track is important way to get the basic product going. Some users might never want to use the live recording functions and simply rehearse covers.

    Much of your videos seem to be aimed at setting up recording levels, setting latency, this is not usually a challenge for a musician as they know so many other products. I struggled to find videos that described the interface. Perhaps this should be clearer.


  • Hey @Joe Walker your suggestion is a good one, and I know that @Seth Call (JamKazam Staff) has wanted to do this for a while now. It's on our list, but our list is long, and so not sure when we'll get this one done yet.
  • @David Wilson (JamKazam Staff) @Joe Walker

    David knows I wish we had a global chat room (or something like it) where you could see everyone online, chat with them. Nothing fancy needed; and I think it'd be really valuable. David is tired of me saying it, so I'm so glad Joe brought it up! :)

  • There is another thing I'd like to see. When you are in the join session page, you can see who is in the session, and hold your cursor over the latency icon and see both yourself and the other musicians gear latency. Then you see the round trip latency, which seems to be a huge factor in determining either, poor, fair, etc. When you are in a session and someone joins, if there are audio issues, you can't see any latency stats between yourself and another musicians.
    Scenario: You are in a session, and everything is good. Someone comes in that has jammed with another musician in the session before with no issues. However, your round trip with that musician is terrible, and timing is way off. I've seen some confusion as to why, when everything was good before. If we could have the same option, to check the latency between yourself and others while in the session, it would help to clear up whats going on. Maybe there is a place in session, and I can't find it?
  • @Joe Walker
    This is something we wanted to do when we recently re-do the in-session interface.

    We know we really need to get this done. I can't give an exact date, but yes, we really need to give latency along with some other key metrics that are based on live data. What's frustrating is we are already gathering that data; we just don't show you yet.
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