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Mic input only mono? I only hear it in my left ear

I tried the system with a Windows PC, and an M-Audio M-Track interface with an XLR mic connected to the input 1. I got sound, but when I played the recording I made, I only heard my playback in the left ear. Do I need to do something to "trick" the system into making the same input available on both channels??


  • Hi Warrick,

    Yes, there is a trick indeed!

    Create a session, and then click the Settings gear icon which is just below the 'my tracks' text on the left side of the interface.

    In the dialog that shows, under the Track 1 input section, you will see two inputs. Take off the unused input (which may require some trial and error), and click 'Update Settings'. The application will convert the input to stereo for you.

    Let us know if that doesn't help!

  • Awesome! Thanks! That did the trick. Noise in both ears.
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