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looking for someone to jam with

Hello everyone! I am new to this forum. and I am looking for some friends to jam with online on jamkazam. if anyone is interested hit me up :)


  • Nathan even though you may not see any open sessions there are constantly people like me who checks out or listens into the open sessions and will join in if it sound fun. So just start an open session and start playing you'd be surprised high often you'll get someone to join it.
    I'll be keeping an eye for you
  • Try to envision a corn field and a whispering voice..."if you play it, they will come" Mark is spot on. Many users lurk without starting a session.
  • Hi Nathan I too am new to jamkazam and looking for someone to jam with. I play Blues harmonica, if interested let me know.
  • Hi everyone, I'm new to jamkazam and looking for someone to jam with that plays the Blues. I play blues harmonica. If interested please let me know.
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