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Some more suggestions

edited September 2015 in Feature Requests
Can we have more control over volume levels please. I just had the experience of having volume full blast of some guy shredding, with no way to turn the volume down within the feed app.

Can we have user names rather than real names as there is a privacy issue. I have just had to make a pretend name. I don't want my name across the internet without my permission

Can we have a more sequencer like mixer, with the ability to play VST's, use fx and so forth.

Could we have a conventional forum where itv is easier to browse posts - these things can be set up easy and free at e.g. Northern Sounds..

Musicians do three things:

They Perform

They Record

They practice. If Jamkazam covered all these bases, rather than just mostly the middle one, it could be better. It's hard to do real woodshedding practise with JK as there is no way to repeat a track, save it partially completed, isolate a few bars, loop them, do different takes and save them all.

Perhaps integrating a proper sequencer could be a way to go?

I really love your direction of travel...



  • edited August 2015
    Steve..there is a speaker icon on the users info that is in the session...hover over it and a slider pops you can mute or turn them can also pan them from the other icon. :)

  • Hi Steve -

    Re: volume levels, you have total control of volume levels of each musician and track within sessions, via the personal mix and master mix controls. In the Feed though, you are just "eavesdropping" on someone else's session, and you can't control the mix or levels there. All you can do is turn the whole thing up or down. There's really not anything we can do about that.

    The username issue re: privacy is an interesting one. We'll consider that request.

    Re: VST/AU plugins, we are working right now on adding native support for this stuff, and it should be out soon.

    Re: other stuff, recording is not actually where we are focused at all. And we aren't going in the direction of a sequencer or DAW at all. So not sure if you'll be happy with that. But we are working hard to add other things that I think you'll find really useful and compelling in the areas of practicing and performing for sure.
  • Hi David
    Speaking of feed....listening. I am not sure if you have had this report but 'listening' in on a session rarely sounds ok. 9 times out of 10 there is significant 'skipping' 'squaking' and choppy audio. I have used a few interfaces and asked around a bit with similar results. Also after listening then joining the skipping' 'squaking' and choppy audio are not present in the session.

    Best regards

  • @Mark Jarvis I've just totally avoided the in app "listen" button for these reasons. If you click on the title of the session this will link you to the session page, where you'll typically get much better audio quality.
  • Hello Ian, yes that's because you are forwarded to a browser and that's not using ASIO. ASIO will attempt to lock the device thus the bad results in listening while in app.
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