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session - 'vertical' channel layout

edited September 2015 in Feature Requests
All the videos I've seen of JK have the controls for each channel (avatar, icon, pan, fader, VU) in a vertical orientation. However, my sessions have them arranged horizontally, which makes them very low resolution, with a bunch of wasted monitor space. I can't seem to find a setting for this. how do I change it?


  • Illustration:
  • Hi @Joe Bear

    We changed from vertical to horizontal about 2 months ago with no option to go back to the other view.

    One thing we wanted to do, and didn't quite get to it, is optimize this new layout for larger monitors, as your screenshot clearly shows we have not yet done. I'm not sure where we prioritize this, but we do still want to fix this for users like you.

  • Darn. OK. I'd prefer the old layout. The screen shot should make it obvious why.

    As an additional consideration, most every DAW on the planet uses the mixing console visual metaphor of channel strips laid out vertically. As such, the vertical orientation would seem to be one not only more intuitive, but also one your users are already more familiar with.

    Hopefully, you'll have some developer bandwidth in the not-too-distant future to implement the choice.

    Note: The monitor shown in the screen cap above is merely a 17"

    As long as we're on it, I would prefer the fixed location for track controls and record button, rather than the floating dialogs. Much more efficient use of space.
  • Thanks @Joe Bear for taking the time to give us the feedback.

    What you requested is definitely possible; it is a matter of bandwidth as you say.

    If other aspects of the app bother you, don't hesitate to say so...
  • Another vote for a vertical layout ;-)
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