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Video test not working on macbook pro

just installed latest JK s/w on a macbook pro (10.9.4, dual core i5, 8GB). Audio works great but video looks like a scrambled signal. didn't work in test mode or in private session. tried all video resolutions. any thoughts how to get video working?


  • @mike clement

    Can you create 'System Report' by:

    1) Clicking the apple in the top-left
    2) Select 'About This Mac'
    3) Select 'System Report'
    4) Then select 'File' (at the top), and select Save, and then send that to

    This is the 1st we've heard of any issues with Mac's & video. We'll discuss it over here some more.
  • One thought does occur to me: have you used any other applications that you can think of that use your web cam as well?
  • same issue for me (a newbie). 10.7.5, 16gb ram, 4 cores i7
  • FYI- Scrambled video occurs on both Mac and Windows. On Windows, I see scrambled video but I can resolve this by using the video 'capture settings' set to maybe a lower basic setting (ie 640 x 480 or 720p) and then
    use the 'close and stop video cam under the file menu, then restart the video. This should clear up the scrambled video.
  • @jon weigel @mike clement Could you try what @Mark Jarvis suggests and see if it helps?

    Thanks Mark for the tip!
  • on mac, i tried changing settings to other formats and resolution with no success. for what its worth, the camera works fine in the mac app called photo booth. is there a driver needed for JK?

    the only camera i am offered in JK video is "FaceTime HD camera built in" I don't use FaceTime and have no idea why this is presented as a FaceTime camera in the jamkazam drop down.
  • I have a iMac. My camera is named that too. It's just the name of your built in webcam. I've only used it twice in JK, but haven't had any trouble.
  • The name of the camera is indeed FaceTime HD Camera; it's the name the Mac's gives it, not us.

    We are still trying to figure out this issue. Yesterday I was using Skype and Facetime at the same time as JamKazam, and all were showing video (simultaneously!) with no issue. (I was hoping the problem might be from multiple app contention for the same camera). We'll keep looking.
  • Is there an update? Any progress on a resolution?
  • Hi @jon weigel. I expect we will release an update either tomorrow or Monday. There are a number of updates to the video code and we are hopeful it will resolve this issue. I'll update this thread when we make the release so you can try out the update.
  • @jon weigel @mike clement

    The latest update of the client has a fix for this problem. If you have time, could you give it a try?

    If you start JamKazam, it should auto-update.

  • @jon weigel @mike clement

    Actually, the fix isn't quite complete. You are welcome to try (there are significant changes in the latest client) but we are not as confident that the issue will be resolved.
  • @jon weigel @mike clement

    We just updated the client software with a fix. Please give a try!
  • I'm having issues on 10.8
  • I took a video of what happens:
  • Just updated jamkazam last night and I have the same issue still happening on my macbook pro using the FaceTime HD Camera (Built-in). Choosing any setting I end up with a grey, garbled video window. In a live session, I'm told that I broadcast a visible video, but I do not see myself or the other person's video. Also, FaceTime itself works fine, with visible video. Please let me know of any fixes.
  • @Len Fliegel Which version of MacOSX are you using?

  • I think it's 10.8
  • I'll confirm when I'm by that computer again
  • We know video is unstable/does not work with 10.8 - just have not had time to give it focus. You can try a beta mode by switching the rendering mode typing CMD+ALT+V when the JamKazam client is in focus. Do this before you open the video window. Then try opening the video window after. If the video shows, you will need to do this command each time you open the client as it this mode does not persist. Let me know if you have any luck.
  • thanks beta mode got the video working
  • hey can anyone help me i have a mac pro and i can't get my video
    to work i have try everything I'm running the macOS sierra 10,12,2
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