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Musician feedback ratings

After playing a session with someone, you should be able to give them a feedback rating, so that others who want to jam with them know about their skill level and personality. These feedback ratings should be visible on the person's public profile.


  • I could understand if someone had a nasty personality, but skill level is something that would demean some players and maybe keep them from coming back to sessions. You can alway post on the session description "Only skilled musicians should join". That would keep me from joining. One of the awesome things about Jk is all of the people I have jammed with so far have told me to not worry about my skill level, we are there to have fun and jam together. Most of the people I have jammed with have been far better than I, and I have always felt welcome in the session. If I lose my place and stop for a bit to figure out where they are going with the music, they tell me to jump back in. I hope that doesn't change, because JK is giving me a chance to grow as a musician.
  • Good comment Joe Walker. There are enough features available to support screening-out potential jammers and for holding private jams, that don't hurt feelings or discourage budding musicians. Let us let all the flowers bloom!
  • I think many people have improved since being on JK and playing with better musicians than themselves...I know I have....and I agree this maybe a a turn off for many!
  • The one "user score" I'd like to see is a rating on how many times someone RSVPs to a session and doesn't show up, and how often someone schedules a session and then never starts it. You get an idea of whether to accept the RSVP, or whether a session you're interested in might not happen (so you don't rearrange your plans and then end up with nothing going on). These aren't subjective, and they are mostly under the user's direct control, so a user has no reason to carp about the score.

    Think of it as a "reliability index".
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