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Would you be willing to pay for ....

I was tossing around the idea of a paid subscription for JamKazam. I was wondering what would you be willing to pay for on a subscription basis and how much would you be willing to pay?

I would pay $5-$10 per month for these features:
1) to have complete control over the Master Mixer Volume
2) Ability to boot(kick out) an unwanted user
3) able to hide your online presence
4) ability to require permission to enter the session when latency is "unacceptable"
5) while in a session placing "notifications" under the users name instead of to the right (this should just be a standard option)
6) ability to upload multi-tracks (like Jam Tracks) to share or sell
7) full access to 2-4 random "Jam Tracks" per month (expires monthly with the ability to buy at a discount rate)
8) don't allow video button

I probably have more ideas. But here is a start.

The reason for this thread is because "NOTHING IS FREE" . There are always bills related to things like this and would hate to see JamKazam go away when we "the users" can help keep this thing alive


  • 9) ability to upload your own personal "Master Mix" of a Jam Session
    10) ability to create a "Private Session" and invite users after the session starts (no RSVP)
    11) more outputs that can be assigned and locked to users in a session (this one is probably a little difficult)
  • Up-vote.

    Yup. I'd pay for that. Contingent on being able to get the JamBlaster to work properly with my iPhone, or iPad, or either of my computers (so far, it's only sort-of worked). I'd be game for $10-15/mo if things were going well, and I think those are some marvelous ideas.
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