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Jazz peeps out here ? (swing to bop)

Hi all,
Just looking for folks to play jazz tunes with, (in an effort to learn tunes and just play some bebop). I'm very new to this site/app so I'm learning as I go. I play guitar, any instrument is welcome. We can work from memory or charts. Hit me back if this sounds like your thing and we can schedule it!


  • Hello, i play the saxophone and i'd love to, i am not the best of the best but i can solo and play a few jazz tunes, wouldn't be to hard at all to learn more tho.
    -Alfred Madere
  • Hey Alfred! Per Bass and I jam once a week,(he's in Denmark I'm in MD. usa), we just mush through tunes.We've just started to take the training wheels off and not use biab files,(mainly for drums as latency is a real thing!!). I'll invite you to our next session . . here are some of the tunes we run: Misty, tenderly, crazeology, cherokee, you go to my head, Broadway, everything happens to me, out of nowhere, au privave, Laura . .sheesh i think there's more. What tunes do you know? We hit @ 11:00 am est on Wednesday . .
  • i'd love to but i am 13 and in middle school. I am in school at that time, do you ever jam on the weekends?
  • awww sorry good sir, . .hmm well the time difference is kinda huge so that's why we do it then. Not usually on the weekends . .I'll invite you when I see you ok?
  • I like Jazz a lot - I know blues well .... I am in the PNW
  • ok thanks Joel!
  • Sounds like something I'd like to give a shot at. I play bari sax mostly and live in Texas. Waiting for my Jamblaster to come, so I have a slower interface currently. My issue is finding a time, too. I keep watching for someone scheduling a session. Saw a few scheduled that seemed to never actually happen.
  • Im a sax player Alto tenor Soprano bari ( when I have to) On the east coast SC Waiting for my jam baster. Play professionally looking to find jazz jams anywhere
  • Guitarist here. Would be interested in your next jam session. Or anyone's Jazz jam session. Hit me up!
  • I like jazz fusion stuff..interested to do some jamming..
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