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forced upgrade of client fails. now cannot use jamkazam on mac

Jamkazam quit unexpectedly when upgrading or starting. I have dragged it to the trash, then download a fresh copy.

mac osx 10.7.5, quad core, 8gb mem 600gb drive space available
upgrade ver 10.0.2539 does not work
previous client 10.0.2333 worked fine but i am forced to upgrade.

now i cannot jam :(

JamKazam has a lot of issues that waste creative time and energy to solve. I am sympathetic to issues they cannot control such as latency, but these issues have nothing to do with that.

Does anyone know if eJamming is better? Maybe its worth paying for instead of free.


  • @jon weigel Is the app asking you to upload a crash after you try to restart it? IF so, let it go up so we can get it. IF you do upload it, can you send an email to letting us know you did?

    Otherwise, can you do this?

    To collect crash information on MacOSX, open this folder by choosing 'Go to Folder' from Finder’s 'Go' menu and copy/paste:


    Please attach any JamKazam*.crash files in that folder as a response or to

    Thanks, and sorry for the hassle,
  • thank you.

    When i start the JK client i get an apple popup stating JamKazam Quit Unexpectedly. There is a button called "report" which i clicked, Then a message sending the crash to apple.

    also sent an email to with the last for crash logs.
  • i upgraded to El Capitan and it (and Video) now work.
  • @jon weigel Thank you for letting us know! I'm glad that you are back in action.

  • Hi.

    I have kind of the same problem. My Jamkazam quit unexpectedly during sessions.

    I can not seem to find this folder in my system thought.


    MacOS High Sierra 10.13.1

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