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WE Need a LOBBY !!

I think this place needs a Lobby to be more user friendly and functional, This way when a user logs in they are able to see EVERYONE that is logged on in the lobby, and not just your friends.. It seems like everyone waits around for an open session to start up and everyone jumps in all at once lol. So on the main page should be an open lobby where you can also chat and private chat even video chat. I think this would be a HUGE improvement and experience and grow the site better.

Rick Smith


  • Hi Rick
    Hope all is well. This is a feature for the online Jam Community (not so much for groups or projects where everyone is already is known). I agree it would be great to have. In the meantime you can use the search option to find users close to your location and request to connect, Then once they accept you will be able to message them and see when they are online.

    Best regards
  • edited December 2015
    Hey Mark,

    I can see why the search method may make sense in the future when there are hopefully many more users, but the base is much smaller now so seeing everyone logged on at any given time may be practical for a while.

    It's also always nice to participate in unexpectedly cool jams with people that you might have never played with otherwise. You don't always know what you're looking for and a performance oriented community needs to have a dynamic presence in real time so styles and people can mix freely... forums have too much latency to make a difference where it counts and who needs to always play the same thing lol!

    Sometimes it seems like program is too intent on hooking-up like minded players and projects at the expense of over-looking features needed for the creation of a broader, spontaneous community.

    Cheers, Andy

    P.S. Perhaps even more importantly, there needs to be an easy way to see both the other active players and sessions in use at any given time without leaving the session that you're logged into (or trying to log in separately online to see what's up.) I'd gladly sacrifice the real estate given to 'Friends' in the side bar for real-time info about everyone logged-on... whether they're in a session or not.

  • Hey Andy. The good news is you can open a browser, enter then log in and also have the jamkazam client open so you could actually see open sessions and be in a session at the same time.

    Best regards
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