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Audio Interface Thread

Hey guys, I just wanted to start an informational thread on what everybody is using for an Audio Interface and what Latency you are getting with it.

This seems to be one of the biggest questions asked on here when in session by new members, What should get, what has the lowest Latency and so on. Lots of new members are trying to use USB Mixers as their Audio Interface and that is not an ideal thing to do as they give very high Latency.

Since this is one of the key items to a good experience with Jamkazam, I feel the information should be out there on what works best for everyone listed here to avoid long troubleshooting discussions while in a session.

"Just list what you are using and the Latency you are getting with it on Jamkazam."

I am using a "Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6" it costs around $200 and It shows 8ms of Latency on Jamkazam. Specs can be seen here

Hope this thread helps everyone out needing this kind of info.

Rick Smith


  • I have a IMac and got a Zoom Tac-2 with Thunderbolt connection. The AI shows a 4.3 latency and I'm getting 4.99ms with JK. It runs $299 at Sweetwater, and I got mine for $199 since it was a Demo model. From what I've seen, to get low latency the AI's are $200 or more. I think the JamBlaster is a very good deal for the price, especially since the latency is so low with it. If I hadn't already invested in the Tac-2, I'd be jumping on the JamBlaster.
  • Hey Joe, Yes I agree about the Jamblaster but until its out and proven by real world users we still need this info for people to have now.
  • Hello,

    Just getting started with Jamkazam. Is a USB interface is fast enough to obtain low latency or is a firerwire connection better? I use a firewire presonus firebox for recording but the laptop I'd like to use for the jam sessions only has usb connections. I'd like to just by a $100 usb interface if that would work fine. Is there much difference in Jamkazam?
  • Usb Interfaces are very common and work well these days, You will find that most Audio interfaces out there are USB. This was the purpose of starting this thread to inform everyone coming on board with Jamkazam what works well and what others use.

    You Ideally want a low latency Interface for the best experience.
  • Hi Craig
    Your firewire presonus firebox should provide really low latency (my drummer has one) and it rates right down around 3-4 mS which is really good. Jamblaster is designed specifically to be ultra low latency.
    Note in any case, setup your firewire presonus firebox device using ASIO drivers on Windows or core audio for MAC. Run the gear setup for jamkazam client and make sure it passed. Once in a session you can mouse over the new stats icon and see everything regarding latency factors. If you see a high value of 'jitter' this will cause lots of added delay (latency) Make sure you get the single connection to your router do not use splitters.
    Your goal should be 0% jitter value.

    Best regards
  • I thought I would add to the list - I have a ($149)_Steinberg UR22 -(USB) 2 in / 2 out with midi and cubase (light) up to 24-bit/192 kHz and I am getting 7-8msec latency from jamkazam
  • i use both Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and Focusrite Saffire 6 USB. I see the following when running a test session in JK.

    Scarlett 2i2 17.6 ms (macbook 2.5 GHz Intel i7, 16gb ram)
    Saffire 6 usb 10.9 ms (macBook Air 1.3 GHz Intel i5, 4gb ram)

    Interestingllly switching the interfaces switches the latency

    Scarlett 2i2 18.4 ms (macBook Air 1.3 GHz Intel i5, 4gb ram)
    Saffire 6 usb 9.2 ms (macbook 2.5 GHz Intel i7, 16gb ram)

    Saffire 6 usb seems to have lower latency.

  • disregard previous numbers.

    the correct numbers are

    Scarlett 2i2 10.9 ms (macbook 2.5 GHz Intel i7, 16gb ram)
    Saffire 6 usb 17.6 ms (macBook Air 1.3 GHz Intel i5, 4gb ram)

    switching them i get

    Scarlett 2i2 18.4 ms (macBook Air 1.3 GHz Intel i5, 4gb ram)
    Saffire 6 usb 9.2 ms (macbook 2.5 GHz Intel i7, 16gb ram)

    The latency is greater on the less powerful computer.

    In my mind this makes a strong case for offloading the audio compute overhead to a dedicated device such as a JamBlaster. My mac's are real clean, both do nothing but music, yet these latency numbers are not so good considering I also have to overcome internet latency.
  • Also take a look at your CPU usage when you are in a session on both computers by moving your mouse over the colored dot next to your session track and you will see a big difference, Its best to use the better computer as I have found out ! Yeah I think the Jamblaster may be the best route in the end.. Time will tell when we get real world user tests and reviews, Have to wait a few more months to find out.
  • good idea, i will check that too. Thanks for the suggestion.
  • any thoughts? Tried and failed with the Presonus Audiobox (USB 1.1), thought about the Focusrite 2i2 but advised by Jamkazam that it is troublesome with JK, Behringer UM C204 out of stock until the end of Feb, any thoughts on the M Audio M Track plus or any others?
  • Look at the Steighnburg UR22, I have one of them also and it works very good.
  • I have the Focusrite 6i6 and no issues with that one Pete.
  • Thanks to both of you for your responses, having looked at them the Focusrite is more than I am looking for, I only need enough inputs for guitar and mic at any one time so the 6i6 exceeds my needs considerably, however the Steinberg seems to tick the boxes, particularly as I have had previous experience with Cubase. Seth suggested the Behringer but everybody in the UK seems to be out of stock at the moment with no confirmed dates for delivery other than late February.

  • @Rick Smith The Steinberg UR22 is interesting suggestion because it's $99-$149 on the web, which puts it close to the UMC202. Thanks for bringing it up.

    Maybe we can make it an official recommendation soon; because the UMC20X has been out of stock seemingly forever (at least, that's what users keep saying!)
  • Yes, and I can confirm it works just fine on here, Steinberg is owned by Yamaha and has top of the line input preamps. it also has great user ratings also ! Here is the link to the Yamaha/ Steinberg UR22 website for all the specs
  • Hi- I am looking for the Jamkazam staff's list of recommendations on audio gear, especially audio interfaces. One of the youtube videos refers to this, but I can't find it on the main website or in this forum. There's this general thread here, but I'm looking for the list of equipment that the staff have tested with Jamkazam and found that it works well. Is there one? Did I just miss something? Thx.
  • edited January 2016
    Well thats exactly what you are getting "what works on here" ... Thats the purpose of this thread. Each person that responds with what they are using and how well it works in this thread is essentially the best real world review you could ask for.
  • Ok, I think I found it. For anyone looking for that "list of inexpensive products that we've tested with out service", here is the URL

  • just signed up today .. i have a Korg Kronos hooked to my laptop via USB , mostly for the programming software ... likewise with my bass/gtr Line 6 HD ProX ... hooked to a different older laptop ... if i'd hook either of these up to my newest laptop , would they work as the interface .. ?? thanks for any comment or suggestions .. !! 50+ yrs of piano/keys , plus 40+ yrs of bass/gtr doesn't make me very computer literate .. !!
  • Hi anybody using a Roland Octa Capture UA-1010 interface on JK...thinking of have a change...any info/comments gratefully received! :)
  • Hi Dave,

    I believe the Korg can be added as a MIDI device to JamKazam.

    I'm *pretty* sure that the Line 6 has an ASIO driver, which would be the ideal way to use it with JamKazam.

    So, basically, go into the gear wizard in JamKazam, on step 2 of the gear setup wizard, choose your Line 6 ASIO option from the list; and go from there. Note that you can't add a midi device until step 3 of the gear wizard. So you might actually need to have the Line 6 configured just to use the Korg (even if you aren't going to really use the Line 6).

  • thanks Seth ... i need to order a router extender for my studio (den ) .. i doubt that even my FIOS Quantum wi-fi is fast enough ... i'd rather get hard wired ethernet .. ! but i'll still give the 'setup gear ' a try as it is now ... thanks for the info .. !! Dave C.
  • Hey @Dave Cuckler

    You should be able to do anything in the product on WiFi, but the big issue will be added latency, jitter, and/or audio quality when playing with others. If you understand that (important) caveat, then sure, go with it!

  • I have a Blue Snowball usb mic and a Rocksmith cable, is that enough to get me started? I have an old M-Audio interface but it doesn't work with El Capitan. I also have an Alessis multimix4.
  • I can't say for sure if Rocksmith shows up with a MacOSX CoreAudio device.

    The Snowball should. So, you could set up the snowball as a chat input, and, if the Rocksmith cable shows up in the 'Audio Inputs' dropdown on step 2 of the gear setup wizard, then you should be able to round it out by using headphones connected to the mac.

    So... some experimentation required, but if the devices show up, then yes, it could work...

  • I have a PreSonus AudioBox iOne and get a latency of 5.7ms. It costs roughly $90.
  • That seems very good !
  • Also, I would now suggest if your device shows a WDM driver should try it. Set the frame size to 2.5ms and the buffer to 2 on in and out. I have a device I thought was unusable with their OEM ASIO driver *(clocked at 20 mS) but when I switched to the WDM driver I was able to get to 4 mS.
    In most cases you will see a warning that the selected driver is not the preferred but in my experience it seemed to work just fine. Its worth a shot ..

  • I'm looking into audio interface specs and some of them are USB 3.0. Is there a significant advantage with USB 3.0 over 2.0? They cost a little more of course. Thanks.
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