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"Audio did not start" if I try to play a recording from the Feed when audio interface connected

I've used JamKazam on my laptop, with the "M-Track Quad ASIO Driver - ASIO" audio profile, to record a session of me playing my sax. When I stop the recording, I can preview the just completed recording. But other recordings, like those in the main screen (Barton Strings), or in my Feed from other users, AND my two previously recorded sessions, all generate an "Audio did not start" message if I try to play them back on my laptop through the app. I can go to on my laptop, even while the JamKazam app is open, and get the playback.

Is this a bug, or (more likely) a ID10T user error in configuration?


  • Hey Warrick,

    Actually, not your fault. There is a bug in that Windows version of the client won't playback recordings anywhere but the immediately-done playback (as you've found). In modern browsers, and the Mac version of the client, recordings do play.

    Sorry about that...
  • Ah, cool. Nice to know I'm not the problem here (this time...) Thanks for the speedy feedback.
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