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Wireless Headphones

Any recommendations on wireless headphones that I will use while jamming on Jamkazam? I can't use Bluetooth becomes of the delay. So I was thinking about RF, but would there still be a delay? Thanks.



  • Ideally you really want to have everything wired for the very best experience.
  • Its best to avoid wireless for anything Jamkazam (except wireless mouse and keyboard)
  • Hi there! I haven't used any RF model, but wireless bluetooth is good for me. You may search online for variety of headphones. My friend has recommended me a good quality of wireless cheap HD headphones of better sound quality for Jamkazam.
  • If you are talking about using wireless in-ear monitors like people use for live performance, like you've likely seen from Sennheiser, Shure, etc.. then please ignore anything anyone tells you about "everything wired for the very best experience" or similar.

    Those folks are talking about wireless stuff like bluetooth and wifi, which does introduce more latency.

    But wireless in-ear monitors which are analog instead of digital could actually give you less latency than even standing 35 feet from the stage drummer, because RF travels faster than sound.

    There are also on-ear or over-ear RF headphones which are non-digital.

    So long as you're staying all-analog, as opposed to A2D->RF->D2A (like bluetooth would do), then you're not introducing local latency.

    The digital things are fine for listening to music. The latency won't be an issue. It's only when you're trying to play with other musicians that a little latency here, and a little latency there, and a bit more in the middle, all adds up to something you'll find annoying and possibly untenable.
  • Thanks a lot for a great answer. Do you know of any RF headphones you like?
  • check out stnnheiser hdr 165
  • Years ago, my folks had a Sony TV that came with (900mhz I think) headphones which I thought were decent enough. I know people with in-ear wireless monitors for stage use, but I've not used any (other than bluetooth - admittedly inappropriate for playing with other musicians) in a long time.

    So, although I know the technology enough to know what I would shop for, I haven't tried any out anywhere. Sorry.

    But everything I have tried from Sennheiser has been decent.
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