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Bass Players or Drummers in Bay Area, California

I and my guitarist counter part have an original, straight ahead hard rock project we started about a year ago. He is in San Francisco, I am in Dublin and we have done jam nights in Livermore. We call ourselves One Night Jitters because of the unorthodox way we rehearse, online through JamKazam. We are experienced musicians and songwriters. We are currently working on eight originals and are planning to add two more, either original or cover. When we have ten songs, we have opportunities for gigs. Until we get there we perform at jam nights where available. The music is energetic and thoughtful. We need a bass player and a drummer (although we have drums for rehearsal and jams, we are looking for a more permanent drummer). We need people who can work independently, get together on JamKazam weekly and meet up for as-needed face-time rehearsals prior to jams or gigs. Please contact me if you are interested. Thanks... Darren...


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