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Disconnected from server

I have noticed for the a couple of days that I am receiving a message stating that I am disconnected from server.
It is showing that is attempting to connect, but it does not happen. I have tried to restart my computer and I would
like to see if anyone else is have this issue and how it can be resolved.


  • Same problem here. Was working fine for me yesterday. Now both the app and the webpage give me the same problem, and it keeps retrying to connect to the server without any succsess.
  • Same here today. The program just keeps trying to connect.
  • @Simone Scaringi @Brendan Rush @Jeff D

    The issue is resolved now. I'm sorry about this.
  • I have been having the same problem. In the middle on a session with a friend it will just shut down. He can hear me but I do not have any sound in my headphones at all. I have to reboot jamkazam and start over. It will happen multiple times during a session
  • Disconnected from server message does not mean disconnected from your audio connection. It could mean that but its the server reporting that you have lost your internet connection. Make sure you are not using virus scanner or trying to connect via WIFI (use Ethernet)
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