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looking for musicians to challenge me musically and work on their chops as well.

I am a 40 year old drummer I have been playing for 25 years.I know their are other players in my situation.I am currently in a cover band and the players are good I love playin with them but the material has me on auto pilot as far as my playin goes.I am very versatile and open minded dont get me wrong,but I am just not getting what I need musically I need an outlet to build and maintain my chops and teqnique.I dont wanna be the guy who used to be better but let myself go .I am very flexible as far as styles when I say I wanna be challenged doesnt mean I have to play nothing but odd time speed metal .Just wanna play some power groove and odd time signatures are awesome.I will jam on covers or write with someone or just improv. I just wanna keep my skill level where it should be and improve it at the same time.


  • Hello Terry
    There are lots of open jams with great players happening all the time. Drummers are always welcome. I would say just login and enter a few sessions that are listed as musicians may join at will. I think you will find some great improvisation in lots of styles to keep you challenged.
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