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Linking up with friend

Hi Created a session last week and hooked up with my friend briefly. We tried again today but couldn't hear each other. We could both see each other in the session but each was ghosted (grayed out) in the session? Anyone got any ideas what we're doing wrong?


  • This is almost always a router behavior issue.

    Since it worked before, I think it's worth resetting both of your routers, and then retrying to get into a session. It's possible that your routers have grown 'crusty' and need a reboot. Certainly that can be the issue some times.

    If you can find a UPnP option in your router, turn it on, and restart JamKazam. That should help reliability of your router's behavior.


  • is it possible that I passed the network test but I'm not able to send audio to my friend? Because I was able to hear him but he didn't hear me. This can be referred to my router? I've already controlled and UPnP is active.
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