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Anyone use the Behringer UMC202HD?

Received a targeted "sale" ad for a Behringer UMC202HD for $49.00. I have been using a different Behringer interface (uca-202) which works well for the guitar interface, however I've had issues getting my chat mic to work (Logitech USB headset) since upgrading to Windows 10. This interface would allow me to use a much better mic, as well as do proper vocals. There's a ton of interfaces like this out there. Any opinions?


  • @David Kritzberg We've used the UMC202 quite a bit and recommend it.

    This is slightly older model than the UMC202HD, but one would hope the innards are the same. I'm pretty sure the driver (which is just as important) is the same.
  • UMC202 and UMC202HD are not the same. Behringer recommends using the old 2.29 driver for UMC202 and upgrade firmware to 1.2. My UMC202 has worked fine for a year - with low latency.
  • edited April 2016
    I ended up ordering a Beheringer U-phoria UM2. (The UMC202HD deal is gone). It looks like it ought to work well.
  • Thought Id post an update. As I mentioned, I bought a U-phoria UM2. ($39.00 at GC), along with an Audio-Technica M4000s condenser mic. Tested them out last night. Had to tweak the ASIO settings s little bit, but it worked VERY well! 1000% improvement over what I had before. All told, with the mic, mic stand & 20' XLR cable. I spent about $100.00 Well worth it!
  • Behringer is OK for the money. My settings are Minimum latency and 64 samples.
  • After testing I found it perfectly suitable for my needs. Albeit I 'll probably want one later with more inputs....
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