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Changing Output Settings

I have been using JK for almost a year now and am really enjoying it. Unfortunately, there is one output issue that i keep running into.

JK is running under windows 10 with an audio 6 interface. My audio card has 3 different assignable outputs; headphones, monitors or full speakers. If i try to change the output assignment, either through audio gear setup/Input and Outputs,

If i try to witch the output channel pair, i get the following error:

Unable to save assignments. You must have two music output channels selected.

Once this fails, i cannot cancel the output change. I receive the same error, but in a loop. Due to this loop, JK must be forcefully closed and restarted.

I also am unable to add additional profiles using this same audio card, if so, i would be able to switch audio profiles on the fly.

My workaround involves the deleting the audio profile and recreating with other output settings. This takes a while as the computer has to be rechecked for net/io performance.

Please let me know if i can assist with testing.



  • Hi @Eric Polin

    Thanks for the bug report. I'll look into this...

  • Thanks seth. BTW, i am using ASIO instead of wdm.

  • High Eric, are you using " Komplete Audio 6 " interface ?
  • edited April 2017
    @Seth Call (JamKazam Staff)
    I've just downloaded JK for the first time tonight and am having the same problem (on OS X 10.9.5) - when I try to change the output settings, it tells me I have too many outputs selected, but there's no way to delete unwanted outputs. And I'm forced to restart as it won't let me cancel from the audio settings window at that point. The entire interface seems buggy overall. Is there any fix for this yet? I prefer to use a different set of outputs than the default 1-2.
  • Hi Mark, No its not buggy . You can only currently use output 1-2. if you want to do anything other than that and you are an advanced user I recommend Jackaudio router *( as you can assign any in or out to any software supported by asio.
  • I have a Behringer UMC204HD and am running into the same problem. The issue is not with JamKazam supporting more than two outputs, rather it recognizes the third and fourth output just fine, but when those are selected *instead* of outputs 1-2, it attempts to add outputs 3/4 instead of replacing outputs 1/2.
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