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I just received a new looper pedal that I am adding to my rig.

I have a small mixer and I am adding it to my Aux send.
I have a few guitars, keyboard and computer.
By using the mixer's Aux send I can get almost anything through the looper.
Its working fine with my very first test...

I am wondering how other folks integrate a looper into their rig?


  • There is a (windows) VST looper called 'Mobius' - anyone ever use this?
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  • Just in case anyone is interested....
    a little more info -
    I purchased a NUX loop core pedal for $99
    it can record 5+ hours of loops over 99 memory patches
    with a USB port so you can save to your computer
    it has 20+ drum beats and independent volume for them
    it also has a extension foot switch that lets you use it better live
    I guess its a RC -3 clone?

    Not a spokes model for this, but it seems a good deal
    and I thought others might appreciate the info

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