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Mix control and session approval

Case scenario: An individual starts a session, they make it approval only and they have mix control.
They do not leave the session but are not present for at least a half and hour.
Proposed solution:
Would it be possible to have a timer on inactivity so if they are gone for a half an hour a pop up for the individual comes up and requests them to state they are still in the session or they will be ejected. This gives approval control and mix control to someone who is actually participating and does not share any recordings that were created during their absence.


  • Their presence creates a bunch of problems with our logic. The easiest thing would be for us to allow you to boot an inactive user. Then all these sorts of problems go away.

    Since they created the session, they could always come back in if they so choose, after the fact.
  • Does this happen a lot?
  • It's happened several times when I have been in a session.
  • Does anyone on the JamKazam staff other than Mark Jarvis participate in sessions on a regular basis? Being in a session with four people or more and people come and going is a sure fire way to experience the functionality of the program.
    With that being said, I applaud the effort team JamKazam puts into providing this service for free to boot.
    I am constantly trying to entice others to join and am eagerly awaiting my JamBlaster.

    Best regards,
    Dave Diamond
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