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App/Software upgrade ideas

Forgive me if there's another thread in this realm, but I thought maybe there should be a thread where we could give ideas for upgrades to make the jamkazam app more user friendly as we are navigating it.

What is currently prompting this post is me navigating through the jam tracks database and putting things into my "cart". I would love to see a couple things. First, I am using a mac and have a "magic mouse".. I'd love to be able to use a two finger swipe to scroll through the jam tracks window. Currently, I have to click on the right scroll bar and pull down or up to move through that window. If I could swipe, or even use my arrow up/arrow down keys to navigate up and down through the tracks, that would be amazing!

Secondly, as I add a jam track to my shopping cart and click "continue shopping", I end up back at the very top of the jam tracks list. I'd love it if clicking that button returned me to the same spot i was at in the list when I added the track to my cart. i.e., If I am at "africa" by toto, add it to my cart, and then click continue shopping, it returns me to that point in the list, at Africa by toto, and I can keep scrolling down and browsing from there.

Just some ideas. If this thread exists somewhere else, please redirect me and I'll delete this and post it there.

Thanks a bunch!!



  • Hi Jon,

    Those are very sensible ideas; and would definitely help.

    I'll throw out this which might be another option thath would work for you.

    We have this PDF: (or CSV:

    This links to the landing page of all of our JamTracks. So, if you click the link on the PDF, your browser will open. Assuming you are logged into JamKazam in that browser, then a ADD TO CART button will be present on that landing page (you can also preview from that page).

    So, this PDF could be your 'shopping page'.

    It's not ideal; the website should behave better. But this might be more usable for you (since you can search it using text search, and you'll never lose your place).

  • Hi,

    Please allow me to express my humble but wholehearted support for the "mac two finger scroll" not only for jamtracks, but *everywhere* in the app!

    Hm... and @Seth, now that I (hopefully) have your attention, can I drop in a couple other things -

    1) Seem to remember that, several updates ago, the "musicians" listing would show "good/fair/poor" latency. Now it consistently has "unknown" for all items. Bug or feature? :)

    2) Did JK change the file format for recordings exported from the File Manager from .wav to .ogg? (Seem to recall seeing .wav files on my disk some year ago.) If yes, would that be something that might be available as a choice in an upcoming Settings functionality?

    Been using JK for quite some time now. Mighty impressed with the app, and the friendly & service-minded attitude of you people!! :smiley:

  • It should not show unknown for all. I'll look into that soon.

    After a record is done, and after you've left a session, the client will convert .wav files created by the session recording into .ogg. If you open the File Manager right after a session is done, you can catch it before it's converted. The conversion is done primarily because, as I'm sure you know, .wav files are huge, and, we also upload them to the server so that we can distribute each participant's track files to each other. So by converting to ogg we save your disk space, our disk space, bandwidth, and transmit times.

    If you really wanted the .wav files to stick around, we could build that as a setting at some point. So that's what you are looking for? And thanks for the super kind words! :)
  • Thanks for the reply.

    Guess the .wav/.ogg debate belongs in the ole audiophile fundamentalism corner.....

    Nevertheless, in those rare occasions when you feel you really hit it, and maybe want to massage it further in e.g. REAPER, you might want to stay as close to the truth as possible, even by taking a performance hit. So a setting could be nice to have (no rush).
  • Cool, thanks for the ideas for navigating Seth. Appreciate the response! I'll give that a whirl :)
  • @Harald Nyman

    Scroll being busted was an accident. The next release of the client should have this fixed.
  • You guys are awesome, thanks Seth!
  • @Harald Nyman the scroll fix is now out!
  • Yeah, I noticed! Wonderful!!
  • Hey Seth, scroll fixed here also. You guys rock, thank you! Saves SO MUCH FRUSTRATION!!! :) something else i've noticed... maybe this isn't an issue for anyone else, but that little popup in the lower right corner of my control screen that says "contact us" (the orange banner with the up arrow)... it covers up about 3 or 4 of my buttons over there such as community forum, help, etc. Is there a way to make that so it can be either moved out of the way, or if I don't want to see it, an "x" option or something to make it go away?
  • Hi @Jonathan Bey

    I hear you. Not all screens in JamKazam show the chat. So if you go to the home page (for instance--click the JamKazam logo), it should go away. But the idea of forever hiding it is totally valid; not a way to do that yet. I can add that in soon.
  • Hi Jonathan
    As soon as you are in the main session view the ' "contact us" (the orange banner with the up arrow)... goes away.

  • I would really love that the Musician page were also searchable by name/username. Useful when you know that a friend has joined JK, and you want to connect. Or if you just want to check if your friend has joined
  • Yes, that would be great
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