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Network test optional?

Might it be an idea to make the network test optional? (Of course, not until it has passed successfully at least once.)

The idea would be to make it easier to experiment with different audio gear setup. Assuming you already have an ok network connection, it could save time, and avoid the occasional cases when you get "undeserved" errors, like "communication with server timed out". See those at times, and have a strong suspicion that if either end is to blame, it's not necessarily always mine... :-) (But pls forgive me if I've got it all wrong!)



  • Hi Harald
    Actually if you setup gear the first time, test your network connection, you can optionally skip network test the next gear setup you add to your current configuration.

    Best regards
  • I can?? And I thought you had to go through to the bitter end, once you'd started a change...

    Cool! Thanks!
  • If you do the network test and pass then you go to try a different device or alternate driver you
    do not have to do the network test again just skip it.
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