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Network test passed by using Apple Airport Extreme

Hi all, after many months of trying to pass the network test I tried putting my router into bridge mode (Bigpond Netgear CG3100D) and then plugged it via an Apple Airport Extreme and it just worked. Thought that might help anyone who can't work out why they might not pass, some sort of firmware bug in the router.


  • Okay, I'm using the tall Apple Base Station with the 2gb drive. I'm a bit confused with the different nomenclature use with different brands of routers. Is there anyone who knows where I may look for a hand-held setup to get this working properly? I have typed in the 12000 to 12010 ports to open but do not know if I have done it in the correct spot. Any guidance would be incredibly helpful… I have included a screen shot of the info I keyed in… maybe I did it incorrectly. Does JamKazam have a phone contact number? Or does anyone know if someone did this on YouTube for the Apple router?
    Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 3.19.37 PM.png
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