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Digitech GNX4 Guitar Workstation

Hi, I teach guitar and one day I figured for old times sake, plug in the GNX4 Guitar Workstation. So I unpacked it and set it all up, sounding great but I noticed everything was cutting out too early. No sustain even in the Van Halen Mode. I tried checking to see if it was the guitar cables from PA to GNX4 to guitar. So I used different cables and still the same thing. I tried multiple guitars, the same thing. Has anybody ever had this problem of any equipment just cutting out on you? No sustain. And playing leads, you will be picking up and down and the sound that comes out is missing some of the up strokes. Not picking it hard enough it would seem but any note is cut short from its sound. Thanks. Hope I got the meaning across. As a teacher, I can't use it. Trying teaching Stairway to Heaven with a guitar that short circuits every second. Arrgghh! Thanks for listening. And any help would be greatly appreciated. ~Fox
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