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Suggested feature... search by instrument and genre

Need a search by instrument and genre. Hard to find German-, Austrian-folkmusic or Volksmusik. Would like to search for Buttonbox and Accordion to narrow down.


  • This has long been an issue with Traktor: the use of tags, and how Traktor handles these tags. Two tags that I find to be very important are 'rating' and 'genre'. Traktor does not support the rating field that is set in the ID3tag MP3 tagging standard. Instead, Traktor writes a new tag that only works with Traktor. This is extremely frustrating for people who rely on ratings to browse through large collections of music in their music manager of choice (for me, this is NOT iTunes).

    The other issue is that of multiple genres. Most modern music managers enables you to put in multiple genres for single MP3 files. E.g. if I have lots of music tagged 'Techno', but want to differentiate between "Minimal", "Progressive" or "Industrial" I can write "Techno, Minimal" in the genre field, and then the file will show up in both the "Techno" and "Minimal" genre categories. Right now I use the comment field to specify what kinds of styles the overall Techno genre contains, which is not the best solution since you cannot properly sort files based on comments.

    Atm, Traktor does not support any of these features.

    1. why did NI decide on using their own rating tag? It does not seem like a technical issue, since every other music manager software handles rating tags this ways.
    2. why did NI decide not to support multiple genres in?

    Add the above to the list of obvious changes to Traktor that should have been fixed a long time ago. But I guess STEM and Remix decks are more important than managing a music collection :) Remember the old sayin'? "track selection is king"!
  • "(for me, this is NOT iTunes)"

    Can I just say... AMEN!

    (I have nothing actually useful to add, however. Apologies.)
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