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How secure is Jamkazam?

in the interest of security ....

How safe is Jamkazam to an outside hacker?

What ports are used with the program?

How can I make my computer as safe as possible?



  • Good point...!
  • Thanks AJ

    Hopefully we will get a Admin response soon.

    I would think this is an important issue, right?...
    in the meantime, Do any users have input on this topic?
  • JamKazam security is very similar in nature to an app like Skype.

    We need UDP to come in through the network to the JamKazam application (so you can hear/see others), and to do that, we will leverage either UPnP on the router, or STUN.

    Both of these router technologies let UDP traffic come in only on a temporary and 'pinpoint' precise basis; by that I mean the UDP can only go in to the IP address of the computer using JamKazam, and to a specific port. And only temporarily as needed.

  • Thanks
    Now, I am off to learn about, UDP, UPnP, and STUN. ???
  • I wouldn't do justice trying to summarize these technologies.

    The key behavior is that JamKazam traffic can only come in to your router if JamKazam first sends traffic out of it.

    When someone joins your session, that's when JamKazam makes a connection out. When you leave the session, the UDP 'connection' is closed.

    And 'JamKazam traffic' coming into your router can only go specifically to a port opened by JamKazam on your specific computer; in other words, some other device on your network will never see JamKazam traffic at all.
  • You have made a good point!
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