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Is JamKazam dying??

Recently had a chat with JK about bugs, priorities & stuff.

Naturally, right now they are more focussed on getting the JamBlaster out the door than maintaining the free desktop apps. No Pay, No Play.
They still want to hear about issues with the current JK - we'll just need to be patient until they get time to fix them. Fair enough, I'd say - what do others think?

For anyone interested, the full conversation may be read here.


  • Doesnt seem like they are on the ball like they used to be.. Just my opinion.. Lot of unanswered questions in the forum including mine, They used to be on top of everything.
  • Hi @Rick Smith

    The JamBlaster is fully consuming us. I see your other thread post about sample rates. I don't know the answer; it's not easy to debug that remotely.

    I will say that the mismatched sample rate is not a error; it's a warning. IF it sounds OK to you, even with the warning, then it's OK.

  • No, Its not just a warning.. It will drop in and out over and over very quickly making JK unable to be used with my DAW.. So there is something going on and it happened after the last update or so ago.. Up to that point I had no problems using my DAW with JK.
  • IF you want to try something:

    1) Quit JamKazam
    2) Start DAW
    3) Check sample rate in 'Window Sound' by launching Windows Sound Manager. Find your device input and ouput, and take note of the sample rates of both the 'Playback' and 'Recording' tab (I'm referring to this windows dialog). Note: if the sample rate in Playback and Recording do not match; try to make them match.
    4) Say in step 3 your sample rate is 48k. Then, start JamKazam, go through the audio gear setup wizard, and then set the sample rate in your ASIO driver (if you are using one) to 48k. Also, on step 2 of the gear wizard, in the 'Sample Rate' dropdown, set it to 48k.

    Basically, set sample rate to be the same value everywhere you can.

  • I have commented in your original thread..........
  • edited August 2016
    @Seth Call (JamKazam Staff) Yes I have already done this several times over, Thats why im so frustrated.
  • Hi Rick
    I can assist with the sample rate issue

    Lets setup a remote session next week to address this.

    Let me know when you can set some time aside.

  • Sounds good! Is there a way to PM you my email and or phone number ?? I have used " Team Viewer " in the past and it works very good.

    Thanks !
  • speaking on Jamblaster, any updates on when they might be ready.?
  • We are now into August 2016 and we are still waiting on JamBlaster to arrive.
    I am advertising JK and JamBlaster on my UGL site and would be nice if I could post that JamBlaster has arrive and give some feedback.
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    Good Inquiry and Thread Harald!

    I don't pretend to know what JK's business plan is... but as an online jammer with thousands of sessions under my belt over the last eight years or so several things stand out to me about JK.

    Both the barely usable layout of the app and their comments to you show that they haven't got a clue about the importance of community to online jamming (and selling their products.) JK couldn't have done a better job of hiding the active sessions and limiting community interaction if they'd tried and there are a number of important features missing from the jam session controls that are routinely found in other online jamming apps.

    The stability of the JK app is marginal at best and the while sound quality has improved some it's still variable.

    JK seems to be going out of it's way to discourage potential users by harping incessantly about latency and burdening the app with all the latency data. The meatballs look like a bunch of cautionary red and yellow stoplights mixed in with a lot of "poors & unacceptables." -- People can decide what's acceptable latency and what's not for any given session instantaneously with their ears.

    The number of active user's is definitely declining to a few semi-regulars and even they're tapering off (regardless of whatever registered user base JK is claiming.)

    Inexpensive USB audio devices that work as unspecialized computer sound cards are more generally starting to achieve latencies of 2ms to 5ms and the simple fact is that 5ms to 15ms delays just aren't that big a deal given the much larger impact that internet transmission distances have on overall latency. Real-time jamming is an inherently imperfect world.

    I'm starting to get the impression that the JK admins want to develop their line of products just enough to sell the whole thing to a deep-pockets buyer the way they did with the Spawn Labs game box five years ago.
  • Well, what do you know!
    Guess you may be onto something there.....
  • @Rick
    Message me at
    We can set it up from there.

    @Andy, no real point to this...development
    and delivery take time. Jamkazam has built
    Products that are better than anything else
    We will all know better once jamblaster
    Finally hits. I know its feels frutrating like jk should do this or that but everything is in play so lets see....

    Best regards
  • Not to the point? The thread's called 'Is Jamkazam Dying?' not 'Where are the Jamblasters?' Though I didn't order one that's a good question too.

    According to the Kickstarter updates it took three months to manufacture the Jamblasters and now it's going to be another two months before they start being delivered?

    Five months (at least) for the manufacture and delivery of 316 units... that's just over two units completed and delivered per day.

    And what exactly does 'everything is in play' mean? It seemed that the Jamblasters were already fully functional and demonstrated on the Kickstarter promotional video and that all of the FCC/Govt. approvals were dealt with before manufacturing started.
  • Andy, I am only letting you know that there is a lot on the table and forward progress is being made. If users don't use the free service because of bugs or they don't like something about the company or its offering's then of course they don't have to use it. I think we all want Jamkazam to be successful and it seems that it should be easier, faster but its been a challenge every step of the way.

    Best regards
  • My question disappeared from the forums. I posted a question about how JamKazam is killing my internet when I try to launch it. App won't start, my Windows 10 computer says "This network is not setup for UDP connections" and any device in my household is unable to connect to the internet. Macbook works, but my Windows 10 PC doesn't. I can still get into my router settings and I can ping in the diagnostic page, but I try to get to or and nothing works. All internet connectivity ceases to exist until I power cycle my modem and router. Total BS.
  • Hello Brian
    This is a strange issue I have not seen before. I understand your frustration. If you want additional help message

    The error though, This network is not setup for UDP connections may be the clue here. UDP is whats used for Jamkazam.

    This issue is likely specific to Windows Firewall. You can test this by closing down Jamkazam (quit the application) then disable Windows Firewall then relaunch Jamkazam. If Jamkazam is now working you can allow Jamkazam access on Windows Firewall.
    NOTE** When you install Jamkazam Windows Firewall should have asked if Jamkazam has permission. If you said no or enabled the firewall after installation this would likely cause the issue

  • No, Its not just a warning.. It will drop in and out over and over very quickly making JK unable to be used with my DAW.. So there is something going on and it happened after the last update or so ago.. Up to that point I had no problems using my DAW with JK.

    Lily Oliver | madalin stunt cars 2
  • Hello Lily
    Your leaving out details about what issue you are having. Sounds to me like your attempting to use the same sound card for both DAW and Jamkazam which wont work reliably. You will need to use reroute via reaper or to share apps with the same sound card and route in/out between apps or you need to have two sound cards
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