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Texas Jam Night - April 28, 2014 8 pm - 10 pm CDT

Did anyone else see the Craigslist post at

Anyone planning on joining in? If so, song ideas?


  • First time.. I'm in San Diego but on hi speed Cox. Would I be able to join in from this distance?
  • Hi Len - You're likely to have too much latency from San Diego, but we'll be organizing a California online jam night soon!
  • Is the jam still happening tonight? If so, how do I connect? I'm logged in via the app, but I don't see the session.
  • @ 8:30 pm CDT I've got an open session
  • Well, that was disappointing. I got online late, sadly, and there was no session going. I set one up, but no one seemed interested. A few minutes later, someone tried joining, but it never got working. So they left, and then I left. Found an open session that the other person had set up, but when I tried to join, I got a message that the session had been shut down. So I tried another open session, but no one got seemed to be on. So this takes a bit more planning and execution, I guess.
  • hey I'm a musician.. I'm always late!! lmao... It's gonna take a while to get started in certain areas but if this gets going these guys have a freaking gold mine. I'd pay like $10 a month to use this..if it works :)
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