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Latest Update SAFE?

Hi Kazamers...

Was online last night with several other regular users and the app started behaving odd in ways we hadn't seen before. There was also an unknown user making unsolicited friend requests to some of us. The program then crashed and asked for an update on re-entry. I denied this and tried to go directly to the download page, but Firefox flagged the page as 'unsecured' and would not connect voluntarily. I understand several other users saw red flags of this type on the site as well.

Fearing a possible hack I didn't proceed.

Was asked to accept an update today on logging in which I declined and went directly to the download page instead which is no longer flagged by Firefox.

Am waiting to hear from you before updating... was there a hack or were you just tinkering under the hood last night in a way Firefox didn't like? Is this new update (as of Dec 4th/5th) safe?



  • Hi @Andy Jones

    We accidentally let our SSL (HTTPS) certificates expire. The problem showed up last night. We fixed it around 10AM today.

    So, yes, Firefox or any browser was made because our HTTPS certificate was expired. Now it's not.

    No hacks. Just a silly oops on our part. (but one that looks terrible in a browser!!)

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