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Jamblaster setup? App does not find any Jamblasters...

Got my Jamblaster. Updated Jamkazam app on laptop (Windows). Plugged Jamblaster in and tried to do the Jamblaster settings. Cannot find a Jamblaster on my network. Connected laptop to Ethernet cable rather than wireless. Still no Jamblaster. There were no instructions of any sort in the box. Just the unit and the power adapter.

I can see the Jamblaster as a client on the network, and I can ping the assigned IP address from mu laptop. If I navigate from my laptop to the Jamblaster's IP address via a browser, I get an "It works!" page.

I tried unplugging the power to the Jamblaster and then powering it back up AFTER I was running the Jamkazam app. That didn't help either.

The Jamblaster ends up with a red LED showing on the front. The entry in my network client table from my router shows a name of "jamblasterNCA-001-160602-" (which did change from the original entry when power was first started - that showed "jamblaster" for a short period)

The network connection LED is blinking on the back of the Jamblaster. The ping still works - whether my laptop is connected to the network via wireless or via a cable.

I'm stumped. Any suggestions on what I need to do to make this show up in my Jamkazam app?


  • @Warrick Wilson Do you have iTunes installed? For us to discover JamBlaster on the network, iTunes has to be installed (only true on Windows; not Mac).

    If PC and JamBlaster are both on the same network, then, at least once (since you said you change wireless/wired), do restart JamKazam, and see if it can find it in the network.

    Also, hover over your avatar and select 'JamBlaster Settings', and then click Scan Network if you don't see it there.

  • I do NOT have iTunes installed. I'll give that a shot.
  • Seth ... Looks like iTunes was the key. I appear to have connected to my Jamblaster. Now I need to try to use it. Thanks for the pointer.
  • Once you are paired with it (the JamBlaster Settings page will show 'Connecetd'), then when you join a session with your desktop client, your desktop client is actually just a view into the JamBlaster (it' won't be processing audio).

    So basically, just join a session now.
  • Did a couple of sessions. Figured out after a bit in the first one that I needed to enable the phantom power to my microphone. Then got a recording to work. So it seems pretty neat. Now I'm trying to figure out the various things I have as far as audio configured - between my Jamblaster, my laptop audio mic and video, and my M-Audio device, I've got lots of chat microphones going, I think.
  • Awesome! Let us know if you have questions
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