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Jamblaster recording ... "Mix Queued" showing for a few hours

So I tried my new Jamblaster and was able to do a recording. However, the recording listed in the feed page is still "Mix Queued", and has been for a few hours. Is that normal, or did I maybe disconnect my Jamblaster too soon? The File Manager on my laptop indicates that everything was uploaded, but so far now recording is available on the feed page.

Is the recorded audio file even on my laptop when I use the Jamblaster? Or is it stored there and uploaded, and the status of that is being sent to the laptop client session?


  • Hi @Warrick Wilson

    Well our mix server was borked. I've reset it; I'll need to watch it and verify it's working as usual. I'll update this thread when I know more.

  • Hi Warrick,

    The server is mixing OK now. But yours is still mix queued. As you can imagine, a JamBlaster recording is different technically than a normal one; I suspect a bug at the moment. We'll investigate.

  • @Seth,
    Congratulations on resetting the mix server :wink:
    It's with a warm, fuzzy feeling I remember actually getting a couple of recordings through, swiftly and painlessly, at the time....

    If you have a chance, would you mind resetting it again? :smiley:
    Some process appears to be looping, showing "DOWNLOADING MIX" in File Manager - expecting to find a mix - doesn't - log shows "file-gone" - repeat.

    I hate taking your time with trivial stuff like this. Hmm.... would it be a good idea to have some kind of automated monitoring, especially since smooth processing feels more like an exception than normal state of things......??

  • After ~4 hrs, it finally produced a mix. Thanks to whoever did something in the background! This is a great system, once you get used to its occasional quirks.... :smile:
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