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Mac Mini And Input Math Problem


Wish I could upload a screenshot (or whatever) directly to this forum. Not sure the above is actually visible to you. I don't think I have a good way of plopping a graphic somewhere on the internet with an anybody-can-view URL that ends with a filename.png or filename.jpg or some such, so as to work well in an "img src" tag here in the forum posting.

Now that I have this external thing (JamBlaster) to handle ALL the audio gruntwork, I'm trying to remove all the inputs and outputs from the Mac JamKazam interface.
Built-in Headphone jack? Not using it.
Built-in Line-In jack? Nope. Latency hell. Delete.
Logitech USB Headset? Used to use it for the playback headphones, and the chat mic. Still too much latency, but it nearly worked. But no more. Deleted.
Webcam. Deleted. Never tried to use it, but it was in the list, so, boom, gone.

100% of the inputs and outputs should be JamBlaster. Remotely accessed by this UI. JamKazam on the Mac Mini is only the UI... right?

However, any time I touch anything about inputs - even just click to look at them, then hit close, I get this pop-up in the upper-right corner. In case the img url above doesn't help, let me transcribe:
Invalid audio input configuration: Input channel count (16) greater than number of input channels (16)
Now I know - artistic types don't have a reputation for being all that great at math. But I can declare with great confidence that 16 is not greater than 16.

So I found a list of input channels, in the configuration for the JamBlaster. I deleted all but two. Input 1 for Sax (wind-synth, actually), and Input 2 for Banjo (a condenser mic with phantom power). I was thinking I'd go real basic. And I figured either 2 would be declared less than 16, and thereby acceptable, or that it would say 16 is oh so much greater than 2, at which point at least the danged pop-up would be telling the mathematical truth. Alas, no. It still whines about 16 being greater than 16.

Yeah. My mac is old. late-2012 old. But it's the very latest OS (10.12.1).
Since it's old, I have fallen for the following from the Kickstarter...
Post PC Ready

Finally, we found that many musicians either have ancient computers, or for younger musicians, no computer at all - often just a smartphone or tablet. The JamBlaster is both a computer and an audio interface in one device, so you don't need a computer to use it. You can control it with your iOS or Android smartphone, or with a standard browser running on a tablet or a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer.
And my needs are few and small. I don't plan to jam with folks across the nation. I don't plan to jam with 8 musicians. I plan to jam with one guy, my brother, who lives 24 miles away, and with whom I would get together to play on more regular occasion were it not for the pack, load, drive, setup, play, tear-down, pack, drive, unload bit. Whole point of Jamkazam, to me, is to remove ugliest 8/9ths of that list, and instead whittle it down to the one thing we want to do: play together.

But - my brother is no computer whiz. This has got to be easy. And he's not a gamer or home-recording-studio guy, so he ain't gonna have high-end low-latency computer audio stuff either. But he does have an iPhone (possibly also an iPad).

Getting the Mac to connect to the JamBlaster as "just the UI" should be simple. The list of input channels and input channels should not be throwing an error.

Why can't I just connect the Mac UI to the JamBlaster, and have exactly the correct configuration for inputs-and-inputs just say the right thing? Why does it not know that 16 = 16? Why does it say 16 at all? Shouldn't it be 3? Input 1, Input 2, Chat Mic... ain't that just about IT?


  • Sounds like a bug, In the PC side its 12 inputs max so I suspect its the same with MAC client. Just note you can really use 12 inputs (active inputs) at a time. We will get the message dialog fixed on MAC.
  • I guess I'm going to need some glossary help. The JamBlaster has three inputs.

    Input 1
    Input 2
    Chat Mic

    What are the other nine? Must be "virtual" inputs, perhaps like other musicians' streams (not doing that yet), and the various parts of a JamTrack (not successful yet). Is that what we mean?
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