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How to setup Jamblaster

PC Win7 Pro with 64 Jamblaster program

My Setup
Jamblaster Front INPUT 1& 2 from > Mixer out L & R with guitar cord.
Power ON
Ethernet connected and Lights green steady flash

What are they for?
Is there where you plug in USB 3.0 and run to PC ???

Jamblaster Scan Network > Show nothing.

What now?


  • Do have to download ITunes to make the PC connection to Jamblaster.

    Jamblaster Setting >> Scan and nothing.
  • Jamblaster Setting on PC > Internet Tab > Trying to click on Manually > NOTHING HAPPENS

    Just plug jamblaster in and it works> Sorry but not happening here.
  • Installed ITunes and now Jamblaster show up> But when Connecting and it times out > tried 10X
  • DozDoz
    edited December 2016
    12/26 Jamblaster is now connected. Static IP with Port forward 12000/12020
    Setup with 1 and 2 input into MultiMix and Stereo head phone out back to Channel 11 and 12 on Presonus 16.4.2 AI
    The Stereo out to MultiMix with UC202 BEHRINGER 64 bit driver works perfect.

    Jamblaster is set as Default
    Test> Go into Quick Start Solo > Jamakazm is very slow compare to other setup
    Shows 2 input and Vocal input for 3
    Clicked on Record > Started recording > Done and clicked Stop >>>>> Jamkazam Crashed

    I had to shut down Jamkazam 3 times with using Sound Blaster. The constant scrolling.
    Sound level during was not clear or clean like I have with UC202 > Big difference

    Went back to UC202 BEHRINGER > Unplug JamBlaster
    Test> Go into Quick Start Solo > No issue and sound level perfect

  • Hello Doz, The Jamblaster needs to be adjusted for the sound level of the input source. Please try again.
    I can join you in a session to validate the behavior. Let me know


  • Mark

    I work 9AM to 6 PM M-FR
    what time would be good to test JB.
  • 4 PM PST. Message me when you are on
  • By they I now have TD-10 Roland TDW-1 Exp with Roland 6 ea Triggers now on my drums < Hybrid
    I am working on getting them to work with Superior Drummer 2 and Ezdrummer 2.

    I am EST time so I be on this Friday with a nice 4 day weekend.
    My Mixer is adjust for sound levels.

    I like to know why Jamblaster is on that Jamkazam is slower and freezes?
    The UC202 works with little effort

    My Boss made me take Jamtracks off my work phone.

    Would be nice to have Jamtracks for IPAD that I use for control of Studio One v3

  • You know you can install an iPhone app on your iPad. You just need to tell the app store to include iPhone apps when you do the search.
  • My work phone is an iPhone.
    I have done many searches on my iPad 3 by iPhone and it never comes up

    To me Jamkazam should make the App avail for iPad

    Note I did a Recording test on Jamblaster and have it working.
    Still have to run more test.
  • Your work phone is irrelevant, but for the record, I agree with your employer on that particular point. Don't use work equipment for play.

    Your iPad 3 might be the issue. Hopefully JK staff will chime in. Mine is an iPad Air 2, and JamTracks (by JamKazam) definitely shows up in the AppStore as seen here...

    And look - it even runs - as seen here...

    So the question, I suppose, is whether your version of iPad or iOS preclude the AppStore from returning the JamTracks (by JamKazam) from appearing in your search results. It could be.
    1274 x 1004 - 349K
    288 x 320 - 36K
  • Jamblaster was working last night, but tonight it will not connect.

    For as my Ipad 3 it has the last update for they cam out with IOS 10 and they tell me IPAD 1,2 and 3 will not get IOS 10

  • JB not connected and I click on Scan network and it does nothing.
    What is the issue?
    JB Not connected.JPG
    881 x 523 - 46K
    JB in Audio Setup.JPG
    1268 x 656 - 85K
  • In the Apple iOS App Store, in the Details of JamTracks, it says...
    Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

    I believe all those things are true.

    As for your JB connection problem. Triple-check that the RJ-45 plug is snugly into place at both ends. Cycle power on the JB. See if any of that helps.
  • Kevin
    I now have Jamtrack app on my IPAD 3 and it has IOS version 9.3.4 with 32 GB

    UC202 works just fine

  • I am boxing up the Jamblaster and would want to return it for a full refund
  • Hello Doz,
    We have a build that should correct the connection problem. Please email to see about getting and testing it. As for returns, you will need to contact provide your serial number and you can then discuss your options. DO NOT just send it back without getting that arrangement in place first.

    Best regards
  • Mark

    I have sent in the pictures to per your request
    I will post Jamblaster up for sales when the RMA is returned

    I no longer want to spend my time in my Studio dealing with JamBlaster

    I would appreciate not being bugged about this anymore

    With Jamblaster boxed up> iTunes has been uninstalled from my Studio PC.

    Thank you
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