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Muting the built-in chat mic on JB

I can't seem to mute the chat mic on the JB. It will mute, so I can't hear myself, but not so others users can't hear me.
Is this a bug? or should I just try another setup?


  • Joe, I am experiencing the same problem. I am using the input 1 & 2 for vocals, I have them set to line and combined 1&2 for a single stereo track. So now I see my two volumes in a session and have muted the chat one.
    I found I also have to mute the chat in volume settings for the session and participants must mute chat in session as well or I sound distant. There needs to be an additional setting in Jamblaster setup that mutes chat for those not requiring a chat mic.
    Overall with my limited testing the blaster appears to work well, I believe my stats can not be accurate as audio latency is showing zero.
  • Just in case you missed this tidbit from the Jamkazam team, I am re-posting it.

    We just released an update to the JamBlaster. It fixes the pairing problem that some people are experiencing, as well as making a mute of the chat input actually mute you to others in the session.

    It's a major update, meaning, if you turn on/reboot your JamBlaster, it will upgrade. It will take about 5 minutes.

    So I'd say plug it in, and give it at least 5 minutes.

    Then it should pair if you try.

    If pairing still fails, please do one more reboot as that is likely necessary (just this once, after the upgrade) for this particular bug. If it still doesn't pair, then please let us know.

  • Hello Dave,
    Regarding 'I believe my stats can not be accurate as audio latency is showing zero'

    The Audio device latency (not including transmission to remote peer) is around zero. If you compare Jamblaster
    to devices that do near zero latency INPUT monitoring, the Jamblaster performs like these devices except you are monitoring post software and that's the stats you are talking about. The stat is accurate. Also Jamblaster
    also uses a very small 1 mS frame size which adds to its speed.
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