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Focusrite 2i2 2nd generation

I have high latency with this unit. When choosing Asio from drop down ..... how to correct this ?


  • I cut my audio interface (Scarlett 18i8 usb / 1st Gen) latency from 11ms to 2ms by switching from direct to using it with ReaRoute through Reaper... strange, but true even though it involves an additional program.
  • Hi Paul, windows 10 or Mac OS?
    Here are the low latency drivers for that device.
  • Thanks Mark, but i had returned that device and am now using one of the ones that you recommended in your videos as I was getting frustrated. Steinberg UR22 MKII. Although my latency in Audio setup is low (8.9 ms) thanks to being able to lower the Sample rate and other values, I still am not syncing with other players. I have a hardwired ethernet connection and have a 95mbps download and 12mbps upload.
  • Hello Paul, exactly where are the players your attempting to be in sync with? You need to consider their distance and gear as well. Let us know you session examples and we can go from there. Its expected that latency below 30 ms is required for in sync session and for the musician with a strict ear for latency it may need to be around 20 mS.
  • I am in central Florida and my download is 117 and my upload is 13
  • Hello Paul,
    My question is where is the remote player your trying to play with? I understand your in Florida, but where are the remote players? Are they also in Florida? We need the distance and the device used by the remote players.
  • Hi Paul,
    i´m using the Steinberg UR22 MKII too with win10 64bit. Do you on Win10 64bit too? Here i have the problem that Jk could not find the interface. The latestest Asio driver for the device is installed, all other audio apps can regocgnize it, only Jk did not, rescanning a several times...No device is found.
    any suggestion? Maybe Mark has a tip?
  • edited February 2017
    I just bought a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 2nd Generation.. Ive got it up and running but the latency is horrible.. Can anyone give me any assistance? I'll send this back if I can't make progress with it...

    When I added the interface with JamKazam. It said 10.4 ms but then when I opened a session with myself it says the interface is 39.5ms.. disappointing....


    I got it down to 10.28ms in a session but was hoping for better than that??

  • Hey Brian
    This comment 'It said 10.4 ms but then when I opened a session with myself it says the interface is 39.5ms'

    I suggest you try the setup again, make sure that no other software is running and that if you have Focusrite set as the windows record and playback that you change that to a built in device or no device.

    If the gear test shows 10ms then that is what we expect in the session. If you see 10 ms in the gear test and
    39ms under your own in the session something is not right.
  • Hi Mark... when it was 39.5ms the interface was running at 192K which did not match any of the settings in the jamKazam gear setup. Once I figured out how to set the rate of the interface to 96K, then I set it up again on jamKazam and was able to have a session at the 10.3ms latency..

    The question I have now, is trying to figure out how to adjust the buffer length of the Scarlett 2i2.

    I am running on a MacMini with the latest Sierra OS. The Apple Audio MIDI setup gui allowed me to set the speed to 96K but there is nothing there is adjust the buffer length...

    And on a MAC there is no GUI/Software that comes with (or is needed for) the Scarlett since it's operational basically as soon as the USB cable is connected.

    I assume if I run it with a DAW (such as Pro Tools) that I might be able to adjust the buffer length that way, but wondering if there's another way??

    If I can't reduce the latency less than 10.3ms I'll return it as it's not much better than my old Line6 TonePort UX-2 (14.4ms)

    Thx Brian
  • Hi Brian
    Run your interface at 48k. Anything else is going up or down sample. if you keep this simple we expect it to work. Let us know what happens when you run @ 48k
  • OK I will try that..

    Doing a little research I came up with this promising article

    If I can figure out how to adjust the buffer length of the Scarlett 2i2 it would be a great help.

    My old Line6 AI came with a GUI that I could use to adjust the buffer length, but so far I have not been able to figure out how to adjust the Scarlett when using jamKazam...

    I assume that using ProTools or some other DAW that it can be adjustend from within those programs.

    But is there anything within jamKazam to set the AI buffer length?


  • So in Jamkazam on MAC if the device doesnt come with a app or utility to configure the buffer we attempt to use the smallest supported buffer size.

    from Focusrite there is an untra low latency MAC only driver
    get it here

  • Thanks I saw that driver but it said it was not recommended for installation in the latest MAC OS (Sierra)

    I will try 48KBs and report back.

  • Update: I switched to 48Kbs and it made no difference. latency is still 10.27ms
  • edited February 2017
    Update: I got it down to 7.17ms installing the low latency driver and setting it back to 96KBs
  • Ok so we spoke with Focusrite support you should be able to run at about 8-10 ms and that is about average for most USB devices and should be find in most cases with jamkazam. That said the bet autility can be used to bring this down to very low ms
    and only causes a kernel panic in 'some' reported MAC systems. Its worth trying if your up to it or you can wait until they fix it to get better performance. But 10 ms is suitable (not the best) but will for sure work and depending on how far away the remote user is it will be fine.
  • Hi Mark.. Yes I went ahead and installed that driver and it's down to 7.17ms at 96KB/s and 7.6ms at 48KB/s
  • Dont bother with 96k. Its of no use unless you are recording in a DAW with source audio that needs that quality

    Glad to hear its better and you should be good to go now

  • I just started experiencing system crashes on my MAC Mini with the Focusrite low latency patch installed. I guess I'll have to un-install it and be back at 10.4ms latency Did Focusrite mention if they were working on this problem?
  • They did say its in beta so please report to them any crashes you are getting using the low latency patch.
  • OK yes I did that
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