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Not having much luck, yet.

I've been tinkering w/ the JamBlaster a couple days now and not having much luck.
It connects just fine. When I run the network test I get:

Communication with the JamKazam network service timed out.

Although it did work a couple times (said I could go up to 6 people w/ video). Is there some status page that will show if the JamKazaam network is actually down?

Next, if I look at active sessions and hit the play button, the audio never starts. It tries, then gives up and says "Audio Did Not Start"

I tried doing a private session, and also get no audio. I am assuming the headphone output on the JamBlaster should allow me to hear the signal I'm sending in the inputs, but I get nothing.

Any chance the folks at JamKazam can create a video showing the entire process from setup to joining a session?


  • No luck here either. I got it to pair up, but I can't seem to select the mic from the Jamblaster as my source. The audio I'm hearing thru my headphones (which are plugged into the Jamblaster) is picking up the computer mic. I get the same results as Neal when running the network test.

    Communication with the JamKazam network service timed out.

    Please advise.
  • Update: The audio I'm hearing thru my headphones (which are plugged into the Jamblaster) is actually from the Jamblaster Mic.
  • After watching all known Jamblaster videos and reading all known tutorial videos and reading all known Jamblaster comments, I can still not make this thing go. "It just works" definitely does not apply to this piece of hardware. I build TV studios for a living and still can't figure this thing out.

    I'm done for the evening.

    Frustrated & disappointed with my new toy. Especially after it was delivered almost a year beyond schedule. :(
  • My JamBlaster arrived a few hours ago. (My bandmate, who lives 40-50 miles away, also got his today.)

    For me, physical connection to my router and pairing to JamKazam app (on my WiFi-connected Windows 10 platform) went as advertised. I already had iTunes on it so that part didn't impact me.

    Lesson learned...plug your instruments and mic(s) into a mixing board and route a stereo send from there into the JB inputs. Take the JB headphone out and route it to something to boost the gain (headphone distribution amp, separate mix on your board, etc.). Do this instead of running instruments/mic straight into the JB, and instead of listening directly to the JB headphone out. Much greater control of levels and avoid overdriving the JB ins/outs (which is easy to do). And by having a mic into your mix you trivially bypass the JB mic input, even if your music doesn't involve vocals.

    Solo session works OK, near as I can tell. Although adding in the metronome created an annoying click in the audio coming back ... makes me nervous.

    The critical test will be tomorrow when my bandmate gets his JB hooked up to his Mac, and we see if we can have a productive multi-hour band practice without the gear getting in the way. If "yes" then I'll be a happy camper for now, and if "no" then there was $450 down the toilet.

    The "for now" means I will put up with the sluggish and fragile Windows JamKazam UI for a while. But they have GOT to get a robust smartphone app going sooner rather than later, or the promise of the whole JamBlaster vision will not be realized.

    To be continued.
  • But you bought a vision. (smirk)

    Most of the glowing prose on the Kickstarter was written in present tense. As in, "We're already doing this and the prototypes already work."

    As if what we were really waiting for was FCC Type Acceptance, and Apple App Store approval, and a load of other stuff that the JK guys have little-to-no control over.

    But then, after all the waiting, and the impressive looking devices arrive, we still need more patience because the device ain't what we bought. We bought a vision.


    It may yet happen. I hope it does.
  • As promised, here's the outcome of the critical test I mentioned yesterday. My bandmate and I each had our JamBlaster hardwired to our respective routers, and were each running the JamKazam app on Windows platforms (which shouldn't be relevant, but whatever). Each of us had a guitar and a mic going into a mixing board, with a stereo out from the boards going into our respective JamBlasters.

    It was relatively straightforward to create a new JamKazam session with just the two of us participating. And lo and behold we could indeed hear each other talk and strum our guitars. Then we tried to play a song together. That seemed to work for about a minute or so. But then it became clear that there was too much round-trip latency and we could not even get through the first verse of the song. (Which was "Angel From Montgomery" which is totally not relevant but I love that song.)

    We tried exiting JamKazam, restarting the app and creating a new session, with the same results except we didn't even get a minute of acceptable jamming.

    I sent an email to describing our setups and symptoms in more detail, and requested their assistance in tracking down why our latency should be so unacceptably high (over 100ms). I look forward to their prompt response and a resolution.

    So I'm not a happy camper for now, but am willing to suspend judgment for a while on whether this was $450 wasted or not. I hope not...I truly think the idea (the "vision," if you will) is solid. But so far, the implementation and its time frame have not been blowing my socks off.
  • edited December 2016
    I too am having all the problems listed above.... and my purchased jamtrack will not play (just spins) Sad but i have my fingers crossed this will eventually work. I was so excited to tell everyone that the unit finally came, now i have a hard time telling them it doesn't (yet?) work. So everything works through the Web browser (jamtrack ect...) but the windows App is where the problem is... i guess.
  • (Which was "Angel From Montgomery" which is totally not relevant but I love that song.)
    Also among my favorites.

    I've gotten JamTracks on Mac + JamBlaster to work in a solo jam session (oxymoron). Kinda have to start completely over in order to pick a different JamTrack... but at least that much is working OK. No idea what it would be like to try to add another jammer.

    Every time I've looked recently (which is not a lot) there's zero to one other jams visible in the list. When there IS one, I've had zero luck hitting the listen button. "Audio did not start." or something like that.

    With Windows 10, I can scan and see the JamBlasters (only one is plugged in at any given time, but there are two). But have only managed to make the "connect" thing work once. Timeout. Service not responding. Stuff like that. I suspect MalwareBytes, WindowsDefender, etc. might be interfering. Not sure I know how to set up a subnet or network which is secure enough from attack such that I could then shut off all Windows protection, and still have any ability to also connect to the internet.

    So the fact that you two are getting as far as you are, with Windows of any version, is interesting to me, and it gives me some hope.
  • My continuing saga:

    I emailed jamkazam support and almost immediately got back two very helpful responses...kudos to Mark and Peter.

    Due to my schedule, I can't pursue in the next couple of days but on Sunday, Mark and I are going to try a joint session and see if we can find the problem. He happens to live nearby and has the same Internet provider (Comcast), and he reports that he successfully uses this stuff with people in our vicinity. So I am still hopeful we can make this work. I'll let you know how it goes :-)
  • Hello Kelvin This listen in does not work well and we have that on the list to update (this is the case for all devices not just Jamblaster).
  • Has anyone w/ a JamBlaster had any success yet? I know I haven't.
  • Hello Neal, Yes, the Jamblaster works. Can you explain what happens when you try to connect the Jamblaster?
  • Hi Mark,

    The JamBlaster connects fine. I can also run a Network Test and it says I can get up to an 8 person session (with video).

    Any session I have joined - I can never hear any audio (even though others said they could) and all the members are greyed out. Nor can they ever hear my signal.

    A couple suggestions:

    1) Perhaps a video showing setting up the JB to configuring the software to joining a session. That could help some of us that are really stuck.

    2) A test session room? I don't know if it's possible, but if you had a session always running w/ some music playing that we could join to test the software.

  • Hello Neal, what we can do is setup a personal setup test session with you and get the Jamblaster working.
    Please email me at and we can set this up ASAP
  • Huzzah! I am very pleased to say I consider my JamBlaster to be working and meeting basic expectations. Gratis to Mark for his help.

    I would say this in hindsight. You should do everything you can to obtain the fastest network link you can...get rid of bloatware on the PC or MAC you are using to run JamKazam, turn off everything you don't need that is out there touching the network behind your back, hardwire (i.e., not WiFi) your PC or MAC to your router, JamBlaster hardwired to your router with a high quality Ethernet cable (and no bridge/gateway/extender in between), make sure others in your household are not doing heavy-network things (Netflix, etc.) during your Jam sessions.

    Also I find the current PC JamKazam application to be a little fragile. Just before you plan to run a JamKazam/JamBlaster session, reboot your PC and router and cycle the power on your JamBlaster. Then run JamKazam and go straight to the session menu and start or join your session. Hopefully future releases of the app--especially when it eventually runs on iOS and Android--will be more robust.

    As noted in a previous comment, imho you'll have better control over levels (and thus not overdrive the JamBlaster inputs) if you use a little mixing board into the JamBlaster line inputs, as opposed to instrument and/or mic directly in. I'm also using a headphone distribution amp to boost the JamBlaster headphone output a bit. YMMV.

    So it's not as plug-in-play as I would have liked. But given all (JamBlaster) does work given adequate network bandwidth. And I definitely see a lot of promise in the overall JamKazam platform if they can keep it moving forward. All my $.02
  • Thanks Robert. NOTE** Users for both Jamblaster and standard audio devices, To get good volume levels, in a session, click 'VOLUME' button then tun up the 'MUSIC" fader likely all the way to the top (or close to it). This will open up the master and increase the overall categories volume. This will have make the over all volume of your local and remote peers much more audible and better experience in the software.

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