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Has anyone got Jamblaster to work properly yet?

I am still waiting for my Jamblaster to arrive (international shipping). Having read of the problems people are having so far, is there anyone who has got their Jamblaster to work at its core task of delivering stable jamming at low latency yet? It would be great to hear of any successes.


  • I'm waiting too. I heard they shipped ours with the Titanic... :smiley:
  • I got mine working. I haven't been in a multiperson session yet, though. It works.

    It took some doing to get it working. Mostly guesswork and accident.

    One important step was setting my router's firewall to Low security, to enable the JB to "connect." (That'll make more sense when you see the interface.) Then, having done that, I could set firewall security to High again.
  • Yes, while a few have had issues for various reasons most are up and running. We are working with users who have a problem to get them up and running as soon as possible. If you have a problem please let us know
  • I can vouch for what Mark said above...mine is working. With apologies for my verbosity, see comments in another thread "not having much luck, yet".
  • @Robert Allen @David in Ocala FL

    We just released an update to the JamBlaster. It fixes the pairing problem that some people are experiencing, as well as making a mute of the chat input actually mute you to others in the session.

    It's a major update, meaning, if you turn on/reboot your JamBlaster, it will upgrade. It will take about 5 minutes.

    So I'd say plug it in, and give it at least 5 minutes.

    Then it should pair if you try.

    If pairing still fails, please do one more reboot as that is likely necessary (just this once, after the upgrade) for this particular bug. If it still doesn't pair, then please let us know.

  • I still wait for my Jamblaster (Austria) and get no answers to my inquiring mails.
  • Hi @Wilfried Peter,

    You are not alone. I am in Sweden, and also still waiting. I followed the advice of @David Wilson (JamKazam Staff) on December 13 -
    For international backers outside the US, if you have not received your JamBlaster by middle of next week, please contact us, and again we can use a tracking number to see where your shipment is.
    Well, I believe now would be "middle of next week". So I have inquired on the forum, also without seeing any reply yet.

    I just posted a query in the Facebook group, for non-US people. Could be interesting to see what it looks like for others.
  • BTW,

    @Nick Stokes - how 'bout you? You got yours yet?
  • Nothing arrived yet for me here (I am in the UK). Robert's post sounds hopeful for getting it working though.
  • Yes, I can say for sure the Jamblaster works.
  • I got my Jamblasters today (i have 2 of them, one for my writing partner who lives about 120 miles away) - got one working after a little fiddling around...did a couple of jams, but found that the latency with a bass player (Tony) in Maryland (I'm in Venice Beach, CA) was too much - the session kept going in and out of sync...
  • Hello Will. Tony is too far away (more than 2500 miles. It should be noted that I also played with you (using a Jamblaster) and I am 800 miles away and we were in sync. Also in the Tony session, there were some issues he had with his laptop playing back a beat and was impossible to play. So, while Jamblaster wasnt a solution for over 2500 miles its expected to work in sync up within the range 1200 miles or so.
    Just the other side of the story here...
  • One more thing, Jamblaster requires that the your internet connection and home network are stable and extremely low jitter, In many cases users have extenders, y cables or old cables in the home network or to the street. You can tell by the stats and the 'jitter queue' being 2 or above.
  • I have 90-100 mbps down and 40-60 mbps up, and I'm having problems. Not huge problems, but problems nonetheless. When I'm in a session, at least one person is greyed out. Sometimes all of them. If anyone in the session presses the video button jamkazam crashes on my mac. I've had some great sessions, but there is some frustration. I've tried removing all other routers and whatnot, and the behavior stays the same.

    When I log into a session, I get a notification that states:

    Pairing host message():unable to join session!
    Server_info:error= 206

    But I am in the session, even though I get the error.
  • Hello Ed, next time your in a session and see this behavior, click the session window, manage menu (top left) and click 'generate support log' and send it to If the mac crashes when you start up again, should should get a dialog that says system crashed send a report to support. Click yes and enter your email address.
  • Just did a test session (where we mostly talked about issues setting up our Jamblasters) with a guy 1800 miles from me. It said we had bad latency but sound came thru well.
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