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I got my Jamblaster, but........

When I start a session, and I'm just sitting there, idle, there are pops in the audio. Another annoying "feature" is that the Jamblaster disconnects, and is no longer paired.Another thing that happens at random is the notification:

"invalid audio input configuration: Input channel count (16) greater than the number of input channels (16)"

The only audio interface that is listed is the Jamblaster, and it only has two inputs.

While in a session, this pops up:

"pairing host message:Unable to join session!"
server_info: error=206

I get these errors when I am IN a session.
I believe there is some kind of config file that has info from my previous interfaces, and I'm sure it's all fixable.


  • Ed, please open a session and when you first see these errors click the top left MANAGE menu and the 'generate support log'. Once its generated, save the file and send it along with a description of the issue to support at
  • I'm having similar problems, will try again next week and send a log to support. I'm also not getting sound through the mixer. SB shows internet connection, but JK says no connection.
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