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JamBlaster not working

edited December 2016 in JamBlaster
It's on my network, has an IP address,, pings from PC, but straight up, the SW does not see it. I have been trying to get the thing to work for 2 days. Go to "jamblasters on network" doesn't show up. Go to Jamblaster settings, internet tab, nothing works. Can't adjust anything. "Network Status" all list unknown. I use a 192 net for the house, backended with a Comcast Router in the 10 net then off to the internet.

Seems to me if I can ping the thing, the JK SW should see it. Nope.



  • In another forum, it says install itunes -- will try that.
  • edited December 2016
    Two steps - Turn off IPV6 on your PC connected to local network (where the Jamblaster and PC are) - Install itunes.

    It would have been nice to have that in the instructions that came with it, which were none. So 4 hours wasted. Hope it works better than the Alesis D/A converter I was using.
  • Some other notes. If you close the program, the JK process will continue to run. And it's a bit of a resource hog. Suggest you halt the process with Task Mgr. (windows of course)
  • Bruce, so you Jamblaster is working now for you? If not we can help
  • Mark, it's working and a HUGE difference from the A/D converter I was using. We will be trying it out later tonight, Naples, FL to Austin, TX.
  • Austin to Naples. ~30 - 40 MS total latency, max. (100% internet latency) Way better than when we were not using JamBlasters. So not bad for our 1st test. I'm on ATT Gigapower with my router running at 100 meg. Bruce on a 1 Meg connection. I will try to get it up and running at the full Gig and then we will see what it does.

    One weird glitch on my chat mic. For my audio to work I had to have both channel 2 (Mic) and the chat Mic active. Muting either one would kill my audio in the session.
  • Hello Justa, I think you mean the session IU for your audio tracks disappears? Or does your audio stop working?
  • Audio from my mic and chat mic cannot be heard in the session. I still hear them locally.
  • Ok certainly unexpected. Were all the users in the session on a Jamblaster?
  • Yes, just two of us. I will try some different configurations.
  • Also getting a weird popup error. "Invalid audio input configuration: Input channel count (16) greater than number of input channels (16)"
  • edited December 2016
    And Jam track giving an error: "Invalid framesize for remote audio.. can become media source" Jam track will no longer load. Just spins on Get Ready.
  • Hello Justa, you get that error when you open the audio gear setup. This is not needed for Jamblaster and we are going to lock out that option when you have a jam blaster so you can just ignore that error.

    Regarding the JamTrack. - REQUIRED- Your computer must also be on the network Ethernet not Wireless.
    Please make that change and try again. I tested the Jam Blaster with JamTracks works fine.
  • Hmmm... Worked wireless when I first received the unit. No worries. I don't use jam tracks.
  • The wireless could be intermittent which is why we are requiring Ethernet
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