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Review so far

Hey all,
Got my JamBlaster today as promised.. to the day actually, Could hardly wait to see what I waited all this time for. Opened the box and there it was, a new shiny Jamblaster and Power adapter..No paperwork? A thank you?

Before I hooked it up I felt I needed to read up first to make sure I have all the prereqs and everything in order. Itunes,no firewall
Now I get the adapter ready..dam only 2 foot long.
I Jacked in the ethernet cable and plugged in the power and nadda,,no lights at all.
The plug gave me grief, plugging into the power bar was to loose. Plugged it into an extension cord and dam if it didn't light up. Nice
Started the app on my laptop using wireless network. Went to the jamblaster settings, scanned for a blaster and there it was. I clicked Connect and pressed the button on the blaster.It connected registered and I was done.
I plugged in my guitar to no1 and my xlr mic to no 2 found the mute for the onboard mic

I created a session and played around and voila it was working.
I found the sound to low for my liking.. fiddled with this and that then decided to plug into my maudio interface and use the output to the blaster and now i have better control of the volumes and such.Maybe im doing something wrong in the configs.

So far I am happy I have it after almost a year of waiting.I will be testing during the next few weeks and hopefully I see a difference from the windows app.
I think the power adapter needs to change, a bit to short and seems cheap.

Congrats to the jamkazam team for completing this project,even tho it took alot longer than any of us expected I am glad you crossed the finish line. Great Job!!!

Looking forward to the future of interactive jamming..


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