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No audio from JamBlaster headphones

Hello - I am still trying to get the JB working. It connects just fine, no issues there.

I'm trying a solo session. I have a mic connected to input 1. I thought I would hear something out of the JB headphones? I don't. I even loaded a jamtrack but still don't hear anything. All the volume sliders are up. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?


  • Sounds correct. Please send the details to and we can address this issue.
  • I made a little progress here. Restarted the JB and now I get volume from jamtracks and my guitar. However, the volume is pretty low, even when all my instrument levels are all the way up. In fact, it seems the main Music slider (under Volume tab) doesn't seem to effect it at all. I can mute it, and I still hear things just the same. Am I in the right place for the JB Headphones?
  • Select from the UI the VOLUME ICON then the Music fader, turn that UP!
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