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The 1.0.3227 release cannot be downloaded for PC

Going to the download page and clicking the icon to download the newest release doesn't work. I can download the mac version via clicking the icon, but the pc version is mis-linked/doesn't download.


  • Thanks so much for pointing this out. It's fixed.

  • Are you guys kidding... ever consider testing these things before posting them and jerking your users around? I thought it might be a hack (like the last time this happened) and deleteted the JK app from my machine again... probably for a while this time, I'm not a guinea pig!
  • On the other hand...

    We gotta give them that the upgrade mechanism (once you have the app) is pretty smooth.
      No downloading/manual start of installers - just sit back and watch it
      Since you're forced to upgrade, they can be sure that everyone is on the latest version
    There's ups & downs...
  • @Andy Jones The app/installer itself was fine. It was the actual posting of it up that got messed up.
    I got confirmation from my own testing that it posted OK, but then still something is wrong and it must be fixed manually. I had not seen the error that happened last time to happen before, so I can now check for it.

    @Harald Nyman has it right; we can't support multiple versions of the app concurrently. It wouldn't be as big of a deal if this were a 'single player' / 'solo' app, but each app talks to other apps in real-time, meaning they have to agree on how to communicate. AS an analogy, I can't think of any multiplayer + online video game I've ever played that doesn't also have forced upgrades to play online.
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