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How many tracks do you see?

We are testing 2-participant JK sessions with JB, vs with "traditional" gear. Each musician has set up 2 audio tracks.
In all cases so far, only one track shows at the "other end".

This may well be the normal state of affairs, given all the work currently being done to the app. I'm just curious - does anyone manage to get 2 or more tracks across the connection?


  • That is normal. You will only see the input tracks configured if you look at the tracks on the "Mixer" tab. Only the session creator can change settings on that control.
  • Sh*t, you're right. Just found it -
    we are sending a single audio stream from the musician to you, and that stream includes both that musician's live audio and the backing track audio mixed together into a single stream
    My mistake. Thanks!
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