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progress of the iPhone/iPad app for the Jamblaster (Dave Wilson respond with ball park time frame)

Dave Wilson can you please respond with a ball park time frame for Jamblaster stand alone app for iPad/iPhone.


  • Hello Dave. Please send you inquiry directly to, David does not always monitor the forum so using this public forum for your direct questions regarding company status, delivery and future updates is better served emailing the team directly.

    Best regards
  • I'm not sure I agree with that approach, Mark.

    Let's assume there are 100 of us who had hoped to use the JamBlaster with an iOS device (as was "the vision" and consistent with the title of the Kickstarter Campaign). And let's assume that half of us are still interested in knowing how it's coming along.

    Fifty distinct emails to, with fifty distinct replies?

    Why wouldn't it be more efficient to:
    * post an update on the kickstarter
    * post an update here
    ...and perhaps garner some goodwill and patience from that subset of users who might then not feel the need to send a distinct email?
  • No I would agree that's not a great process either. The CEO will be updating the JamBlaster Backers as soon as a schedule is committed.

  • Here is how I see it. I purchased the Jamblaster rather than update my computer & interface.
    After receiving it I realized that audio quality and stability was not there currently on the Jamblaster.
    So I upgraded CPU and interface, big difference.
    I was hoping to use the Jamblaster as a portable solution to loan to friends to hook them on online jamming.
    The Jamblaster needs to be made into the product that was pitched on Kickstarter, plug and play ease with and app.

    Dave Wilson responded:

    David Wilson
    To Dave Diamond Jan 24 at 11:05 AM
    Hi David –

    I’m sorry, but I can’t provide even a ball park timeframe on this yet. It’s on our to do list, but it’s a lot of work, and I don’t have a good sense of when it will be done yet.

  • Well that's disappointing to hear. But - not every great idea comes to fruition. We can continue to hope.

    Regardless, Dave Diamond, thank you for stepping into the gap and providing the update that in my opinion should be posted forthrightly on the Kickstarter and/or in this Forum.
  • Seems like false advertising ? Product was delayed for months then doesn't work as advertised. Can I get a full refund on mine?
  • AJ, its not false advertising. No refunds on kickstarter. Please contact for options
  • Still waiting... The user story that Dave provided was spot on. I hate sounding like every other disgruntled customer, but I already had an Steinburg Audio interface connected to a PC with ethernet backhaul. The only reason I wanted the Jamblaster was to be able to provide a portable solution for friends/family. REALLY REALLY need that IOS/Android app. Otherwise I wouldn't have contributed. It pains me to say that because I REALLY wanted this to work. :-( ....
    Please guys any update?

    **Still much respect for trying**
  • Hello Zac, Currently the mobile controller app is not available and there is no ETA on when it will be delivered. There will be updates for the Jamblaster and a new operating system is due soon (which addresses stability and functionality) and that's going to be the priority before a Mobile controller is available.

    Best regards
  • I hope the new OS addresses dropouts as well! Thanks for the update.
  • Hello Rob. This last release is coded for much less load on the Jamblaster and should provide a more stable experience. Can you give it a try?
  • Hello Mark et al, Unfortunately after a few sessions with the new release I have not experienced any noticeable improvement in functionality, dropouts or stability. With only myself and one other remote user it's not like there is a 'heavy load' on the system. To my disappointment it appears that the vision for 'The ultimate smartphone accessory for any musician' is fading fast.
  • Hey Rob, Thanks for this valuable feedback. We have a new operating system for the unit coming in the next week which we expect to solve this issue. Please hang on, we will get this working.

  • Mark, I'll keep my fingers crossed! In the meantime can you offer any tips that I can implement on my side?
  • Based on JamKazam previous comments and suggestions with regard to jamblaster dropouts and instability (i.e. Try this try that wAit for this release etc) it seems obvious that the root cause of the dropout problems are not understood. Without that understanding I am highly skeptical it's going to be fixed except by sheer luck. Unless you can say yeah we understand the cause and it's fixed in this new OS.
  • Hi Brian, no thats not accurate. We have done two things, first is optimize the load on the CPU for the unit. That improves the ability to support multi player sessions. Second, update the OS kernel and this now in the final stage of validation and schedule for delivery.

    best regards
  • I am not talking about multi-player sessions. I am specifically referring to Rob's and my case. Rob uses a jamBlaster and I use a Focusrite 2i2 2nd gen interface. Rob is constantly experiencing drop outs and lockups with his jamBlaster. It renders many of our sessions exercises in frustration in between some good times.

    jamKazam engineering/support has still not indicated they understand the root cause of these dropouts. While I hope it does get fixed, or Rob gets a different interface ;-), nothing that has been reported by jamKazam indicates to me that this is a slam dunk solved problem.

    We shall see...
  • Brain, we are addressing the drop out issue. Its understood.

    Appreciate your patience.

    best regards
  • Thanks for clarifying this.. looking forward to the update
  • We just got an update today.. Is this the new anticipated OS update you were referring to?
  • Hello Brain, No, the operating system update is not in that release. We are working the performance issues (drop outs). CPU load is reduced already on the unit based on the previous release.
  • Mark

    Is there any status update that address the dropouts with the JamBlaster?

    You mentioned back on May 19 that a OS update was coming out the following week.. I assume this has not happened yet? My buddy Rob Wanczyk's jam blaster is just about unusable with the dropouts.

    He controls his jamBlaster with a Windows based 'Surface' tablet computer. The 'Surface' connects too his home network with a Wifi and/or it 'pairs' with the jamBlaster? Im not exactly sure how they connect.. But he has an assortment of problems.. I'm not sure if it's the 'surface' or the jamBlaster or both...

    There's basically 2 symptoms... One of them is that his session / control gets locked up. The other symptom is that you can tell the jamblaster is dropping out. Typically the dropouts are like 5-10 seconds.. Sometimes he gets both things happening at the same time (so it seems). Tonight he had a dropout and immediately his system crashed.. It seems complicated and maybe the combination of the jamBlaster and the surface make things worse...

    Please comment on the update and if you have any specific comments on the situation I described above...

    BTW I use a Focusrite 2nd Gen 2i2 and a MAC Mini running the latest OS-X operating system. I never have any problems and my system is very stable...

    I get about 10.3ms latency, and never seems to be an issue..


  • Hello Brian,
    Regarding 'Typically the dropouts are like 5-10 seconds..' We are not seeing drop outs that last 5-10 seconds so this would indicate something specific to the users network. Are you sure dropouts are really 5-10 seconds?
  • I would say the majority of the dropouts are 1 - 5 sec. The longer dropouts may be associated more with a session crashing or getting locked up. What network issues do you suspect? When can we expect the OS update you mentioned on May 19?
  • OS update still pending. 1-5 second drop out sounds specific to your network. Does the friend/user have another device they could use for a test to make sure its really the Jamblaster? I dont see the same behavior
  • I don't have another device with acceptable latency. However when I did use it I can't recall any dropouts or instability. What network issue do you suspect? My Network has the following: ping is 8 ms, download speed 237 mb/sec, upload speed 12 mb/sec. I did eliminate my surface which was connected to my network and the jamblaster via wifi.
  • So to be clear its the other user not you who has a Jamblaster and you hear him drop out and he gets crashes. Hes using WiFi (Unsupported) with his surface to log into the client app. Is that correct?
  • Sorry about the confusion Mark. It is me that has the jamblaster experiencing dropouts, instability and session crashes. My jamblaster is connected directly to my router via cable. My Surface is connected to my network via wifi to log on to the jk client app. I am now however using my desktop which is connected directly to my network to log in to jk and connect with the jamblaster which is connected directly to my network. I still have dropouts and crashes. So it's either the jamblaster or my network. I do not have another audio interface device with acceptable latency to swap out for the jamblaster. However when I did use my other device I do not recall dropouts or crashes. My network seems to be performing fairly well as I noted in previous comments above.

    I hope this clears up the confusion.
  • Rob, lets connect in a session i want to check this out and I also have a Jamblaster. Are you available later today or over the weekend?
  • Hi Mark, Thanks for the offer but unfortunately I wont be available until next week. I'll be in touch.
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