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Crashing when joining sessiosns with Video Streams

I'm running on 64bit PC and noticed there's an issue when trying to join any sessions with video playing. It causes Jamkazam to instantly crash. Is anyone else experiencing this?


  • Hello Marcus. Can you go to the Video Gear setup and see if you video is working?
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    It will do one of two things.

    1. Crashes when JK is initializing the pop-up record and video windows.

    2. It will load the pop-up windows and I'll be able to see others, then crash If I want to drag or move the window around.

    Judging by the current build JK is still understandably buggy. While we're on the subject of things not working, I've noticed many issues with performance relating to drivers. One strange thing that tends to happen is with the audio track setup. My I/O will pass tests then work for x-amount of time in jam sessions then the software will eventually crash and I'll have to reconfigure the I/O setup because it's conflicting somewhere with driver stability. I can use the exact same In-Out configuration and the numbers are consistently different on every rescan, sometimes passing and sometimes failing. It's like two people from different countries trying to speak to each other using a translator, but the translator keeps getting sentences wrong causing confusion.

    My I/O is a Steinberg MR816x running on Yamaha FW ASIO driver. I am not running anything through a DAW with re-wire.
  • Hello Marcus,
    The software is not in a current buggy state. That said, the issue with reconfigure you I/O can happen if you have set the primary operating system record and playback (Windows or mac) to the same device as the device you are using for JK. In The audio gear setup, make sure you do not choose the option for output that same 'same as input', rather you should actually choose the device. Expect that these two changes will make the results consistent for you.

    Please let us know how it goes

  • Hi Mark,

    I don't want to sound rude but If I can make the software crash doing simple things I consider it buggy. For example, I have an audio channel running and amp sim, and a midi channel running a VST drum library. If I change through patches on either instance too fast it'll cause the program to crash. The performance of the software can be really slow at times and I find myself having to wait for it to catch up or it will crash If i try to navigate through menus too fast. That's at no fault of my system setup either as it is a very quick system. I don't mean to sound like I'm digging, I really love this program and what you guys are aiming to achieve. I've noticed you have released an update and so far the performance seems better. I'll test out the video issue I had previously and see if I can recreate the crash.

    Going back to the audio setup issue I never set the output to "same as Input" I'm always choosing the Yamaha FW Speaker Output, In fact I have little choice because If I select anything other than that it will fail the I/O rate everytime (despite giving me better numbers on the latency??). I'll try it again now with the new update been and let you know!


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    Ok so now I've ran into another bug, closing and opening the metronome too many times will cause this. image
  • Hey Marcus. Its not rude its just not what most users are experiencing and in this case specific to your setup.
    Please create the problem, hit the manage menu, click create support log, save it, attach and send to

    This will help us help to know why this is happening.

  • @Marcus we are looking into some issues with 'not responding' and 'stopped working'. For now, please do not rapidly open and close any function. In most Windows apps, Pro Tools, Ableton Reason for example will produce this error if you rapidly push, open, click on functions. Its not uncommon. That said, we do want to minimize this behavior and are looking into further optimizations.

    Best Regards
  • Thanks for the new update that came today.

    Would it be asking too much if a new update were accompanied by a short note, preferably in the Release Notes thread, on what you changed? It would make it easier to check which of the many outstanding issues may have improved.

    Just one sentence will do.

    Thank you.
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