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how to change frame rate

How do I change frame rate


  • Hello Mike. Are you really asking how to change the frame rate? This ONLY would pertain to video. Video frame rate is tied to the capture setting of your video device and is selected in the Video Gear setup or when you open the Video window capture settings.

    Now if you are really asking about the 'frame size' as it pertains to ASIO, WDM or MAC, you select the frame size at the time you setup the audio device. If you want to change it (example you selected 10 ms Frame size using the WDM driver, you select under the output device selector the Frame Size, first tri 2.5 and buffer in out 2/2
    and if that doesnt work well try 5 ms. Any change requires you to delete the old setup, scan for new devices then add in and out device (everytime) to get the settings you want to use. Lower frame size is less delay.
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